Something Truly Grand

By:Andrew Troy Keller

It had all started on the very first day

Of the New Year on the corner of Dunaway

And Brass,which was where I had met Nikki

Spielberg,who was quite the blonde beauty

And I mean that in truly every way.

Anyway,it was at 1:48 PM that I had gone

Over to a drugstore to get some photos done,

But as soon as I had gotten

To the store and stepped right on in,

I had accidently bumped into my future hon.

And after I had helped her back up,

She had smiled at me while holding a cup

Full of ground coffee in her hands

And asked me to join her for some lunch and

What she had considered to be a pick-me-up.

And then,after I had given it some thought

And figured that it was not for naught,

Nikki and I had gone for lunch and

We had indeed shared something truly grand.