He's my heart's desire

Never in person have we talked about our pain

For we'd rather spend our time together being happy

Yet we still talk about it each and everyday

We help each other get through life

And lift each others hearts and spirits

We are the best of friends

And all we try to do is make the day well again

My soul is longing for him to be mine

But I am afraid to tell him

So my feelings are left unmentioned

Locked inside my soul

So each day I think of him

And can't wait to see him again

Just knowing that he's around makes things all better

Even if he isn't physically there

He's protective of his friends

Gives the greatest hugs

Tries his best at making things right

And willing to hide his hurt and pretend he's okay for the sake of others

I hope and pray with all my heart

That someday he will love me too

So we can end our search of life;

Our search of love