The Choice, Of Life, Of Love And Loss

The Story of

Atrix and Link Moncano

"Atrix!" an man in his late forties named: William called and held a pitchfork as he walked through the dark barn at midnight, holding a lantern in the free hand. A thunderstorm was out side, rain pouring now heavily. "I know you're in here, Atrix… and when I find you, you're in for a beating." he warned and looked to the lose hay. "Atrix, come out." he ordered and held his pitchfork up, looking at the hay, waiting.

A ten year old boy moved, not in the hay though, by the door. He had pure white hair, dressed in thin clothes as he crept out and into the rain. Walking out barefoot into the mud that sank between his toes, he didn't care… And as William stabbed the fork in the hay and drew it out, then stabbing in again. William continued to do this over and over. While outside, the boy: Atrix was running towards the farm house. He entered the back door, now standing in the kitchen. He shook a little from the cold, though he walked forwards, leaving mud on the floor from his feet, he walked on and up the set of stairs, going into his bedroom and closing the door behind himself. Atrix walked to the window to look outside. He watched William… his father walking back across the yard, then sadly looked to the forest, now knowing where he should have ran to.

William carried the lantern, holding it at eye level to see through the rain. The pitchfork wasn't with him anymore, he had left it in the barn. Atrix watched as William until he entered the house. He then went quiet and tried to listen as his father found the muddy footprints and started shouting. Atrix turned to look out of his window again as he heard William's footsteps coming up the stairs. However, Atrix didn't turn to look until his door flung open and William grabbed his shoulder, whipping Atrix around to look at him.

"Where the Hell were you?!" he demanded to know.

"I wasn't anywhere." Atrix answered, looking up at him.

William's eyes glared at his son's lie, he drew back his fist and hit Atrix hard across the face. "Don't you dare lie to me, child!" he shouted, putting his face closer to Atrix's as he forced the boy's eyes to look into his own. "Don't you dare!"

Atrix felt his cheek slowly as he looked at his father, "But… I was just in the barn."

"Planning on running away again?!" William shouted in his face, he then shook Atrix hard and fast and pushed him into the wall, making him trip.

Atrix hit the ground, covering his head as blood ran from the back of his skull, mixing in his white hair. "Stop it, William!" Atrix shouted sadly. "It hurts."

William stood tall, glaring down at his son on the floor, "What did you call me?!" he asked, his voice even louder than before. "What the Hell did you just call me?!" he asked and stood over his son, pulling Atrix up by his ear to make him stand. "Speak!"

"I called you William, it's your name!" Atrix said and tried to get free.

"Not to you it isn't! You must learn to show me some respect!" William said and his fist hit Atrix's cheek.

"Why?" Atrix asked, gasping after he was hit and placing his hands on William's arms.

"Because I'm your father!" William said and pushed Atrix hard against the wall again, sending him to the ground once more. William picked up the wooden chair and looked to Atrix. "You make me so made. You were a mistake… You and your brother!" he said, frowning heavily.

"Link wasn't a mistake, he's good, you're just to stupid and blind to see that. He does everything to try and make you happy." Atrix said, but quickly brought his arms up to cover his head again, but that didn't stop William… William swung the chair, then threw it at his son.

When the chair had hit Atrix and broke after hitting the wall, William glared, "And, Atrix… you will respect me…" He said before turning and walking out of the room, slamming the door.

Atrix slowly crawled away from the wall and then under his bed, laying against the wall in the darkness… he cried. He cried long into the early morning, but quietly… so his father wouldn't come upstairs again.

This child abuse went on for many years. Though Atrix was not the only one… His younger brother by two years: Link was also a victim of William. But where Link was so shy and gentle, he could never stand up for himself. It was Atrix who did his best to help him, even when he was punished for this also…