And all we have is limited
Within this fancied circular house
One with an ice cream twirl for its roof
And there at the ceiling are dolphin clouds and rabbit clouds and turtle clouds
All in different rainbow hues
And neon colored poppies
And semi-translucent daisies
And glowing forget-me-nots
Adorn the flooring too!
But all we can ever set foot on
Are wooden carriages and ceramic horses
Which I never saw gallop even once
And you rode that white ceramic horse over there
While I'm inside this faded sepia carriage
As everything went round and round and round,
I think I saw you look at me twice
Or maybe even thrice or more
But your horse glided up and down that pole
Totally confusing me
Not even giving me a clue
So I'll think we'll go on forever in circles
And just try to catch each other's glimpses

I just dream of that one day
When you'll finally let me out of this carousel. . .