Seemingly Perfect

by: kellygarcia59

Author's Notes:

This work is purely fictional. Any likeness to real events or characters is completely coincidental. Though, Cherry Hill High East is real. I've never been there before. So forgive me if it's far from the real thing. It's located in Cherry Hill Township, Camden County, New Jersey.

Finally, a fic of my own. This chapter is just an experiment. If I get a lot of reviews, I'll continue with the story. If I don't, then I delete it. Simple enough. So the most important thing is to give reviews. Read and review. I'd REALLY appreciate it. For an authoress such as myself, reviews make the world go round. Anyways, here's the first installment of Seemingly Perfect. Enjoy!

Chapter One

Alison Lockhart gave her best friend, Cindy Shale, another hug.

"I'm going to miss you," Alison smiled amidst the tears.

"Same here," Cindy said. Her hazel eyes were also in tears. She pulled away and looked into the familiar ocean blue eyes of her best friend. "Don't forget to call ok?"

"You know I won't forget. We've been best friends since first grade," Alison remarked.

Cindy then decided to revert to her extremely talkative self. "If you have a new best friend, it's ok with me as long as I'll still remain your best friend. If you have a crush, tell me. Call me. E-mail me. Text me. Hell, you can even write letters to me. If you have a new boyfriend, tell me. Just tell me everything. And don't forget to entertain me with pictures every Saturday in your e-mail. I swear if you don't, I will tell everyone you have had a crush on Cody ever since we were second grade."

Alison stayed quiet the entire time Cindy was talking. She knew from experience that it was totally useless to interrupt Cindy once she opened her mouth. Alison always wondered how her best friend could say so many words in such a small amount of time.

Alison thought Cindy sounded silly when she had used Cody Travis Petersen as blackmail. Alison is so over Cody. Cody Petersen had been Alison's (you've guessed it) long-time crush. Cody is the hottest, most-wanted boy in her school. He had blonde hair and mesmerizing sea green eyes. He had a muscular body and he stood at about 5ft11. He's the captain of the varsity football and he dated only the most beautiful girls in the school. Sad to say, Cody didn't hold interest in her. Alison had even joined the cheerleading squad to get him to notice her. But it didn't work.

"Cody? He's so yesterday," Alison stated.

"I still can't believe you're going to live with your uncle. You barely even know him! Sure, you receive expensive presents from him on your birthday and every Christmas. But you've only seen him once in your entire sixteen years of existence. Is it wise to place your life, your entire future in his hands so easily? Besides, you're leaving me. Me! Your bestest best friend, the great Cynthia Shale of Cherry Hill High East," Cindy pointed to herself, her nose in the air.

Alison blinked. Another thing about Cindy that amazed almost everyone is her amazing and almost impossible ability to change topics. How is Cody related to the topic of Alison 'placing her life in the hands of her uncle?' "You make it sound as if you're important," Alison said sarcastically.

Cindy frowned with a pretended hurt look on her face. Alison laughed at her. Cindy's face can be pretty hilarious at times.

"Go ahead, laugh at me. I may not be pretty and popular like you, but at least I got---" Cindy frowned lightheartedly, hands on hips.

"You got what?" Alison teased. One of the many things she liked about Cindy is that she was extremely easy to tease.

Cindy pondered for a moment. She knew Alison was way better than her in every aspect. Alison is beautiful, though she doesn't know it herself and acts like she's not. Alison is smart, though Alison doesn't think so either, even when she was told that she's the fourth smartest student in their grade. Alison is richer. Alison is more creative. Alison is more active in co-curricular activities. Alison is more athletic. Alison is more responsible. And her personality is way better too.

Cindy even believed that Alison walked on water when she's not looking. Alison is better at everything. But Cindy had one thing, just one thing, which Alison didn't have. That was her family life.

Cindy has parents that love each other and love their children. She has one annoying but lovable big brother that looks out for her, and a little sister that adores and idolizes her. They're not rich, but they're not poor either. They were a happy family. They fought at times, but they still remained a happy family.

Alison, on the other hand, was an only child. Her parents hated each other's guts. They were never home. Her dad had other lovers, and so did her mom. Why they stayed married was beyond Alison. Alison tried to make the pain go away by staying busy. She joined almost everything the school had offered: cheerleading, school paper, yearbook staff, dance troupe, glee club, and drama club.

Cindy was so amazed at how Alison could manage her time. Of course, her hand-held computer, which practically organized her life, helped a lot.

Cindy didn't know how Alison's parents could be so blind. They've got the perfect daughter. The daughter that all parents would kill to have. But they just didn't give a damn about her.

And if that wasn't enough, they even told her two months ago that she was only a mistake, that they shouldn't have had her in the first place. It wasn't really told. It was more like accidentally blurted out.

Cindy, like any other best friend, was enraged. Alison turned to a state of extreme depression after that. She wouldn't eat, wouldn't sleep, and wouldn't even go to school. Everyone who knew her was worried about her.

Alison was saved by her uncle who lived in California. When he heard about Alison's predicament, he rushed over. Cindy remembered that day very well. She and Alison were in the eerie, unused, living room (of Alison's house) answering their homework, studying for upcoming tests, and dreaming up ways to torture Alison's parents.

Suddenly, there came a loud knock on the door. Alison opened it and everything fell into place after that. Alison and her uncle had been discussing in the library; Cindy had to press her ear firmly on the door to hear tidbits of conversation. When they came out, Alison had told Cindy that she'd be moving in with her uncle.

Her parents agreed of course. The deal was that Alison would still say a Lockhart but she'd just live with her uncle. She would receive financial support from both her parents and her uncle.

The next few weeks had gone so fast. When the school found out, they had hosted a farewell party for her. Anyone who was anybody showed up. In other words, the whole school was there. She received a lot of presents, flower bouquets, and cards. Even the principal, Mr. Kirk, made up a long speech about how the school was going to miss Alison etcetera.

Alison had to take her examinations earlier than everyone else so that she could move sometime during the last month of school. Cindy couldn't see why Alison wouldn't agree to move in the middle of summer, so at least that way, they'd get to have more time together. But everyone knows that once Alison's mind is made up, nothing can change it.

After the examinations, Alison had to pack everything she owned, which was a lot. She had a ton of clothes, half of which she had never used before. She also had countless make-up supplies and cosmetics. Numerous shoes, childhood artifacts, remembrance items and technological devices were included as well.

"Well?" Alison's mocking voice interrupted Cindy's reverie and brought her back to reality.

Cindy hugged Alison for the umpteenth time that day. "I'm really going to miss you. Who am I going to annoy day-in and day-out once you're gone? That was your job since first grade. It's not very easy to find someone as reliable and irkable as you, you know. It could take me weeks, months even to find someone half as good as you."

Alison smiled at the compliment. "Cindy, thank you so much. For everything."

Cindy pretended as if she didn't know. "For what?"

Alison smirked, knowing what Cindy was up to. But she went along with it anyway. Alison rolled her eyes and laughed. "For being my best friend. For always being there for me, even though I can become a real monster sometimes. For all the times you saved my ass from trouble. For believing in me and understanding me. For all the shopping, the slumber parties, the pillow fights and food fights. For showing me that Cody Petersen is the hottest guy in school. For making me see that Mr. Dixon is out to ruin my life. For opening my eyes to the truth that Aubrey Spellings is the sluttiest, worst kind of biatch there is… Need I go on?"

Cindy eyed her head to foot in mock disgrace. "For now, Ms. Lockhart." She then grinned and brought out a small box from the pocket of her bag.

Alison's eyes grew wide at the neatly wrapped box. It was covered in a silver and fuchsia pink wrapper with tiny hearts as designs. Cindy outlined the corners with her index finger and pouted her lower lip. "It's pretty, isn't it?"

Alison nodded and grinned. "For me?"

Cindy widened her eyes in mock shock. "No freaking way! I'm just showing it to you."

It was now Alison's turn to pout. Cindy could never resist Alison's puppy-dog pout. Nobody can resist Alison's puppy-dog pout. Cindy laughed and handed her the gift. "Open it," she encouraged to her best friend.

Alison viciously tore off the wrapper. Cindy frowned at this. She was one of those girls who actually took the time to cautiously remove the wrapper. Under the wrapper was a plain white box. When Alison opened the box, there was another box but it was covered in felt. Cindy looked on excitedly. Alison opened it and inside was her present.

It was a bracelet. It was simple but elegant. Like Cindy. The band was made of ebony leather and it was rimmed with silver metal. The main design of the pendant was her name in all its glittering hot pink glory. Alison enveloped her friend in a fierce hug and said about a hundred thank yous.

"I'm really going to miss you Cindy-Windy," Alison cried calling her best friend by their made-up childhood pet name.

"I'm not the only one who's going to miss you, Ally-Wally," Cindy said as she pointed towards her older brother with her head. Alison smiled and headed for Curtis Shale.

When Curtis saw that Alison Lockhart was moving towards him, a happy grin instantly appeared in his face. He liked the way her strawberry blond hair seemed to shine today and the way her ocean blue eyes twinkled.

When she was standing right in front of him, he said, "You do know that you and my lil sis have been saying goodbye for about an hour now?"

Alison laughed while Curtis chuckled, observing her. She remained silent after that. She was still choosing the right words to say. But Curtis beat her to it.

"Listen, about what happened to us…" Curtis started, finding himself out of words.

"It's all in the past now. We're still friends right?" Alison finished for him while offering her right hand. She was relieved that Curtis felt the same way. Curtis beamed at her, but instead of shaking her hand, he took her in for a friendly embrace. Alison was surprised at first but returned the hug anyway.

Curtis softly whispered in her ear. "I can be your big brother. Free of charge."

Alison replied with a nod and a soft voice. "I'd like that."

A voice echoed through the large hallway of the airport, announcing a flight number, destination and gate number. Alison broke the hug, realizing that that was her flight. She smiled again and gave one last glance at Curtis and his light brown hair and deep green eyes.

She gave one last hug to Cindy and promised that she'd call as soon as she arrived at California. She and Cindy were crying profusely then. Alison finally pulled away and started at the back of the line. It wasn't long before it was her turn.

She stood behind an old woman in the line. When her legal documents were checked, she walked inside the moveable hallway towards the entrance of the plane. A smiling stewardess greeted her.

She never looked back.

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