Seemingly Perfect

by: kellygarcia59

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Chapter Seven

Alison Lockhart casually walked towards the hot Dodge Viper and the hot Aaron Cummings, forcing herself to keep her cool at all costs. She gave him a wide grin as she opened the door to the passenger seat.

Aaron Cummings almost lost all power to speak when he laid his cerulean eyes on her. She was stunning. Simple, yes, but somehow it made her look even more beautiful, if that was possible.

He half-expected her to show up in an unbelievably short skirt and a top that showed too much of her chest. He also anticipated that she'd have at least an inch of make-up on her. Boy was he wrong. Her top showed a moderate amount of skin, but no cleavage. Her jewelries fit right into her outfit. Surprisingly, she was wearing a capri.

Her blonde hair fell in glorious abandon forming soft waves around her shoulder to her back. Her smile radiated warmth, sincerity, friendliness, friendship, and honesty. It also held unease and quiet discomfort.

Alison watched Aaron's reaction closely as he briefly, but surely, inspected her from head to foot. She knew he liked what he saw and she found herself blushing. He saw the reddish color in her cheeks and his trademark smirk appeared.

"Hey Alison," Aaron greeted. "You sounded unsure on the phone. Are you sure?"

Alison nodded with a meek smile then entered the car. As soon as she did so, a masculine smell entered her nostrils. His masculine scent. And it was making her feel uncomfortable. She ignored it and gaped at the black interior of the car. It was wonderful and breathtaking. A dream come true for a sports car fanatic such as herself.

He watched her the whole time as she sat amazed, taking in every line, every curve, and every feature of the car. Now he knew that she was genuinely interested in cars. Earlier, he had thought that she was making it up, merely to impress him or whatever. He found it odd and strange that a girl such as herself would be interested in cars. It was a guy thing.

Alison broke through the silence first. "So, where are we going?"

"Galloway," Aaron replied as the car purred, making its way out of Whitfield Avenue. "We're meeting Brad and Nick there."

"Isn't that where we first saw each other?" Alison asked, looking out the window.

"Yeah. The house right behind where you sat was Brad's."

"Oh," was her response. A comfortable silence fell around them after that, leaving them to their own thoughts.

Alison thought about the day ahead of her, wondering what could happen, and what could go wrong. A million possibilities presented themselves in her mind unwanted. She forced them aside and thought about all the fun she'd have instead.

Aaron watched the beautiful passenger a few inches away from the corner of his eyes. Temptation was constantly annoying him, but his strong will prevailed, and satisfied himself by just watching her, memorizing her face inch by inch. Brad and Nick had reacted when he had told them that he'd invited a girl along.


"Aaron, what's up? You've been constantly checking your watch ever since you got here," Brad said.

"Just waiting, that's all," Aaron said, not wanting to say anything more. He had secretly hoped that Brad would stop asking him.

"For what?" Brad asked, curiosity clearly outlined in his features.

"Eleven twenty to come," Aaron replied, giving Brad a mild glare, signaling he didn't want any more questions from Brad. But Brad, being the densest individual in the group, continued on questioning the blonde anyway.


"I'll be picking up Alison."

"Who's Alison?" Brad asked.

"My new neighbor," Aaron replied nonchalantly. "Moved from New Jersey yesterday."

"Yesterday?! You sure don't waste any time. What's she like?"

"Hot. Class A babe, if you know what I mean. Very beautiful," Aaron replied, not even bothering to hide his pride.

"Can't wait to see her," Brad replied, conjuring up images of supermodels in his mind.

Nick finally spoke up. "So I guess you're not going with us to the Auto Show then."

Aaron wrinkled his brow. "Why?"

"'Coz you're bringing a girl. Girls and Auto Shows don't really get along well you know. Except in special cases," Nick replied.

"No, this one's different," Aaron smiled.

"All girls are the same," Nick stated coldly.

"This one's different," Aaron repeated, making sure to get his point across. Nick can be extremely narrow-minded and stubborn sometimes.

"Fine. But if she starts whining and ruining our fun, you're screwed," Nick declared.

"Nick, don't worry, okay? I'll handle it," Aaron reassured his friend.

End of Flashback

Aaron drove through the traffic easily, given that he was driving a sports car. Alison decided to talk, not really appreciating the presence of silence.

"So, Aaron, how old are you?"

Aaron knew what she was doing, so he went along with it to get rid of the discomfort. "Seventeen. Turning eighteen in three weeks. You?"

"I'll be seventeen in November," she replied with a smile.

"So, you're going to be a Junior this September, when school starts," Aaron stated.

"Yeah. I guess I'll be seeing more of you then," Alison said without thinking. As soon as the words left her mouth, she wished she could take them back.

Aaron chuckled giving new meaning to her words. "Much much more."

By then, the car had slipped into Galloway Street. Alison remembered the place from the day before.

Aaron got out of the car and Alison did so too, blocking the sunlight out of her eyes with her right hand. Aaron walked over to her and gently guided her towards the large house by placing a warm palm in her back and pushed lightly.

Alison did so with Aaron's hand still in contact with her back. Aaron removed his hand and rang the doorbell.

Alison's heart raced with each passing second as the door in torturously slow motion opened right in front of her with Aaron right behind her.

Nick Sinclair strummed the strings of Brad's red electric guitar, humming a familiar tune. Aaron had left at 11:20, as promised. The freaky thing is that Aaron had left on the dot. It was as if he was excited to see the girl. That was certainly a first for his blonde friend.

Aaron Cummings, the great womanizer. He never made a move on any girl before. The girls in their school were the ones who made a move on him, asked him on dates, left him anonymous letters in the lockers, and the like. So, what could be so special about this girl when Aaron only met her yesterday?

Nick decided not to dwell on thoughts of an unknown person. Not to mention a girl. He's got nothing against girls. They actually amuse him. He's just had a bad history where girls are concerned.

He concentrated on the guitar he was currently holding. He placed his fingers on the correct places and he plucked with his right hand. He sang one of his favorite songs.

I am a question to the world

Not an answer to be heard

Or a moment that's held in your arms

And what do you think you'd ever say?

I won't listen anyway

You don't know me and

I'll never be what you want me to be

And what do you think you'd understand

I'm a boy --- No, I'm a man

Brad entered the living room, possibly from his bedroom. He watched intently as Nick expertly played the guitar with incredible ease. He had heard Nick sing this song more than a few times. He didn't know why Nick liked it so much, but there are many things he doesn't know why Nick does the things he does.

You can't take me and throw me away

And how can you learn what's never shown

Yeah you stand here on your own

They don't know me

Cause I'm not here

Brad joined Nick in singing the chorus. Nick looked at him briefly then turned his concentration back on the guitar, all the while singing the lyrics with emotion.

And I want a moment to be real

Wanna touch things I don't feel

Wanna hold on and feel I belong

And how can the world want me to change

They're the ones that stay the same

They don't know me coz I'm not here

Brad stopped singing along with Nick since that was the only part he knew.

And you see the things they never see

All you wanted I could be

Now you know me

And I'm not afraid

The doorbell rang cutting off Nick's singing. Brad smiled and said, "Guess Aaron's here with the Class A babe. Better get that."

Nick stood up from the couch and headed straight for the kitchen, intending to get a drink to temporarily satisfy his thirst before going out for lunch. As if it was his own home, he opened the refrigerator and grabbed the milk bottle. He went over to one of the many expensive cupboards and grabbed a crystal clear glass.

He heard a greeting from Brad followed by Aaron's voice. He drank the liquid with much gusto, drowning out all other noise. He placed the glass on the sink and proceeded to enter the living room where Aaron and the supposed babe would be.

He walked past the doorway and into the sight of everyone. As usual, all eyes were on him as soon as he entered the room. He looked over at Brad, and then to the blonde-haired blue-eyed babe.

He couldn't breathe. His breath got caught in his throat and he felt as if his heart stopped beating.

Oh boy.

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