I remember. How could I forget?

It was about,

Four months ago

Four wonderful months ago…

My parents had been at each other's throats the entire day. All of the last night, all of today, and I suspected even while I walked the halls of my school they'd be arguing about something, or more like nothing.

I hated it.

And I always needed some kind of escape. Usually I'd just sneak out somewhere, head to a friends, a shopping center, just anywhere but home. But the one night…he and I had made plans to escape together.

To the trestle.

It was a beautiful place. Well, it had inner beauty. A wooden bridge, overlooking a small portion of a river that split my town in half was what we called the "cool" place to hang out for the junior high kids, and evenintohigh schoolit always had sentimental value to me. All the nights my friends would come up here, throw stones down to the river bed, and talk about nothing…it was the free life of summer that we had almost wasted away. Even throughout all the police force's attempts to get us kids away from the dirty, rundown rail tracks, they could never take my memories away.

I specifically remember the sun setting that day. We had both arrived at around sunset, but the sky was still a deep purple, a personal sign of good luck. We had talked the day away, just like teenagers are supposed to do. The way the words just flowed out his mouth made him seem very mature. Experienced…so much more experienced then me, as if he had seen it all. And all I ever wanted to do was listen.

As the stars began to appear, we slowly commenced back, hopping on every other railtrack before the night took over. I took one last look back at the trestle; the rusty rails ready to collapse at any breeze, and smiled. I looked back down at him, who was already at the base of the hill-a 4 foot drop from the tracks on which I stood. 5-foot-nothing me hesitated to take another step.

He reached out his hand, and told me to take it.

And I did.

And at that moment, boys and girls,

I knew I was in love.