In the crowd of people
In this gorgeous church
I watch the groom stand
I see him spot me
I know I scare him
Can I hold my tongue
Will I make a sudden outburst
My undying love for him

The music starts to play
That familiar tune
The climax comes
Along with the bride
The woman I hate
With a passion so strong
She took the man I love

Her dress, so beautiful and flowing
Her face glowing with happiness
Oh, how much I'd love to smash
That porcelain skin
Those blues eyes I've stared down
With my cloudy green ones

I can see him clearly
For anger has overridden my tears
He looks so scared
Like he's making a mistake
Being linked to this woman forever
He's still starring at me
Does he realized what we could've been
Fairy-tale lovers

The anger has been replaced
My fake smile plastered on my face
My eyes filled with anxiousness
My expression matches his
He keeps staring at me
Taking in the tears still on my face
Taking in the smile that's lost its sparkle

And then as if he couldn't believe
That he would do something so outrageous
He shouted out my name
"Daffiny, Daffiny!"
The name sounded vague
And cloudy to me

The music creased
Everyone in the room
Gasping as he came toward me
I watch the bride with shame
Knowing I ruined her special day
The one that she waited for
Her tears filled with hurt

It was my turn to respond
Smile or cry
Yell or simply get out
Run from him
He had his chance
But he's already here
Gazing into my confused eyes

I'm sorry babe
I can't do it
If this is all I learn
Is that my life is my own
No matter what pains he's in
I'm in more and I can't forgive

Three people were broken
On this to-be-special day
A bride with plans
For a big family and white picket fence
A groom who loved another
Confused with choices
And the other
The woman who broke these two
Was broken herself