NOTE: This is a very weird poem. I'm a very odd person who writes very odd poetry. Reviews are appreciated.

Broken Machine

What is it?

Something's wrong with it

This obsession

Can't stand in line


That's the wrong word

Surely it would if it could

What is it?

Or what was it?

What was it supposed to be?

Isn't there a manual?



No more excuses

The instructions are fine

A factory defect

Put together wrong

Can it not be repaired?

Refuses to listen

Hit it harder

Break down the flaws

Tears away somebody else's errors

It's dead

Through and through

Well, at least

It's Not Broken Anymore

Insincerity stands in line

Who was wrong?

Provoked by a broken machine

Now it's gone

Let's forget

Who wants to remember

A broken machine