I sit here in silence

Watching you

I wish I could stay

Forever like this

I don't dare wish for more

Some wishes are just plain impossible

I don't speak

I don't want to stop your words

It's just a casual conversation for you

Probably just because there's no one else to talk to

At the moment

But it means everything to me

Your words flow so easily

So beautifully

Not like mine

Awkward sentences

Planned out days in advance

So as not to reveal anything

(Still sounding weird

To my untrained ears)

Because I don't dare wish for more

I can't lose this

Don't leave me

Don't turn away

Like this is fine

It's perfect

I wouldn't be able to make you happy


This is more than I ever thought possible

It can't get better than this

For me

I'm silent

Any careless word

Can break my paper barriers

Those passing sharp glances

Could shatter my fragile little world

I can't go through that again

The glass walls

Would splinter around me

They might hurt you too

That wouldn't be right

I can't hurt you




Keep talking

Tell me about him

Tell me everything

It hurts

But not that much

You're happy

I'm happy

He's done more for you than I ever could

I like that

I want you to be

Infinitely happier than I could make you

But I want you to know

You gave me back my life

And I'm glad

To be your friend

Even if it's only that

It's more than I could ever wish for

Thank you

You gave me something to look forward to

A promising tomorrow

I know

I can pass another day

You told me all about him

Let me tell you all about you

Because there's really


To say about me

I want you to know

When I'm alone

Those few lonely tears

Are nothing

Not your fault

Just me

Being all weird again