Don't mind me if I start belting out Hairspray lyrics, Zoe, Zoe's younger sister Annie, Erik and I went to see it earlier today.

One of the best musicals ever made!

Although John Travolta was really, really creepy, especially in the song You're Timeless to Me. (Two old guys serenading each other, EW!)

I mean, when Angel and Collins serenaded each other in RENT, that was soooo cute.

But this was just nasty. Maybe cause their both straight and John was playing a girl…


Laughed my butt off, especially the scene where Link is practically humping Tracey's bed and picture.

I drove all of them there. Zoe and Annie smacked each other around in the back (as usual) and I laughed at their petty arguments.

So we get to the theatre and get out of the car and begin to walk towards the movie theatre and do you know what Erik did?

He grabbed my freaking hand!

And we walked into the movie theatre holding hands of all things.

Can you hear the bells?

Sorry, part of Hairspray. I could hear Zoe and Annie snickering behind us too, oh well.

So anyway we go in and he pays for my ticket and my food! There was no way in hell I was going to argue about getting free popcorn and mountain dew.

Talk about cloud nine.

So we go to our seats. We decided to go to an afternoon matinee so there's no one there but the four of us (and the movie has been out for at least two weeks)

I swear I didn't plan this to be a date. Zoe and Annie chose seats behind us, and Erik plopped down next to me.

A quarter through the movie I felt candy wrappers being thrown on my head and threatened Zoe because I knew it was her. (We were very stupid and gave her candy.)

I didn't want the movie to end, but it did. He grabbed my hand again and we exited the theatre (leaving Zoe and Annie behind because they were still dancing to the ending credits)

They eventually caught up with us (sadly)

Dropped them off at their house, and headed to mine.

Parked at my house and began walking Erik home.

We danced to Hairspray songs all the way to his house.

Finally we get to his front porch. I gave him a hug and prepared to leave, but he grabbed my arm.

"I've got a piano recital tomorrow. Want to come?" He asked.

Where did this come from?

"Sure." I said. He didn't let go of my arm though.

"I'll pick you up at noon." Then, he leaned down and kissed my cheek.