Untitled Lizzie

Lady D


Elizabeth "Lizzie" Lamb was on a mission. A mission of suspense, of danger, of action, of romance! Who knew who, or what, was lurking behind every corner, under every manhole, behind ever window. Trust no one. Everyone was a suspect. You could never know what little Mrs. Kensington did during her evenings, or what Cam's older brother did for those ten minutes before he went to work at the Flower Shop. Yes, Nick Buntz, neighbourhood poopie-head and Mr. I-can-kick-your-ass-at-everything-and-you-know-it worked at a Flower Shop. Explain THAT one Nancy Drew!

Her objective: pick up two extra greasy chili-dogs, a pack of ranch flavoured cracker-things, a bottle of Dr. Pepper and a bag of candy corn. Where the heck was she going to find candy corn this time of year? The things she did for her sister. Her pregnant sister if she might add.

Danielle Lamb, the good one. The one with the lovely red hair and sparkling blue eyes, the one with the perfect grades, the perfect body, the perfect friends, the perfect boyfriend, the perfect everything. It was enough to make Lizzie sick, but it didn't. Instead it made dear Danny pregnant!

Lizzie snorted, oh the irony. How Miss. Perfect went and got herself pregnant not a year out of school went beyond her. Looks like Danny wasn't so perfect after-all! She would laugh of course, but she was out in public and the kids across the street were already giving her weird looks.

She wasn't bitter. Nope. She never wanted to be perfect. What fun was being perfect? Everyone expected perfect things from you when you were perfect. You couldn't be spontaneous or nutty or play in the rain without people waving their noses in the air… but they did that anyways. Even if you weren't perfect they tsk tsked their displeasured and whined how they simply couldn't stand being in the same room as someone who wasn't perfect and peachy and good like them.

But they didn't matter to the un-perfect like Lizzie. There were so many more important things out in the world then being perfect and perfect people. Things like bright mornings and candy canes or squiggly lines and earthworms. Nobody ever thinks that earthworms are perfect with their busy tunnels and interesting eating habits. They loved the rain just as much as Lizzie did, so she didn't mind them.

The day was almost too perfect in Lizzie's eyes. There wasn't a cloud in the sky and she hadn't come across a single dandelion on her walk to the local store on the corner. The air smelt salty with a little bit of fishy to it and the neighbourhood cat hadn't tried to attack her feet yet.

The chimes above the door jingled their merry tune and made Lizzie smile. Cam was sitting behind the counter, a crossword in her hand and a pencil behind her ear. Cameron, or just Cam to those close, was one of the un-perfect like her, but Cam was stuck in the rut of trying to be perfect. Lizzie didn't know anyone who worked so hard at life than Cam did. Cam had a tough life, with three older brothers who wouldn't have a tough life? Their mother died when Cam was just five, so she had to work hard to keep up with her brothers as well as her father's expectations. She juggled family life, college, and her job. Lizzie didn't know where she got the time for anything else, much less trying to be perfect.

"Afternoon Liz, you're looking as orange as always" Orange was Lizzie's favourite colour. You didn't see the colour orange a whole lot, and most of Lizzie's favourite things were orange, and since the first time she had an orange Popsicle, orange had become her favourite colour. Her nails were always painted orange and you rarely ever saw her without an item of clothing that wasn't orange.

"And you're looking swamped with work. Not too busy for you?" Lizzie giggled as Cam stuck her tongue out at her. The store was more or less empty save for someone browsing the movie rental section.

Lizzie disappeared down an aisle before quickly returning with the bottle of the foul Dr. Pepper and bag of ranch flavoured cracker-things. Cam raised an eyebrow at the items and paused chewing on the end of her pencil. "On an errand for Danzilla?"

"Uh huh. You wouldn't happen to know where I can find candy corn, would you?" Lizzie paid for items and stuffed them into her backpack, orange of course.

"Candy corn? Those disgusting triangle things that nobody eats around Halloween?" Lizzie nodded and Cam wrinkled her nose in disgust. "Pregnant woman, yeesh. Sorry. I wouldn't know where to find them even if it was Halloween."

"Well, I'm sure my sister'o'mine will survive without her candy from hell. I still have to stop of Joe's to pick up her chilli dogs. I'll see you later, bye!" The chimed jingled again as she stepped out back into the perfect weather, leaving Cam to shake her head in wonder.

With her mission almost complete, Lizzie figured she could spare a few minutes and have a look at the window displays of various shops. Most window displays were all neatly made up, but with random pieces spread out to give them originality and to catch people's eyes. Lizzie enjoyed the colourful ones best. With glasses, or beads spread out every which way. The items for sell might be made perfect, by their perfect creators or perfect machines, but the people who buy them to wear or give as gifts were perfect or un-perfect alike. It didn't matter, as long as they gave their owner personality. And personality was what was most important.

Lizzie dwindled enough and pushed her way through the crowd that migrated at Joe's, probably the best diner in town for lunch. It was always the trickiest part of her missions when sneaking through crowds, there was always so many potential people to side-track you and deter you from your goal. But with luck, and skill, Lizzie managed to acquire the chili-dogs-of-heart-burn and escape the diner without a hitch. The only thing remained was the quiet walk home.

I don't know where I'm going with this. It's just what happens when I have nothing to do late at night. I don't even know if I will, or can continue it. So, don't expect anything, much.