You take away my breath

So why can't you just

Take away my heart

To prevent the pain

Although it is caused by me

It's wrought by you

And the things that I will say

I can't control myself

I'm a self-abusive masochist

And I'm sorry to say

That it'll be that way

For a long time till the day I die

I can't be alright now when

I see you in tears, it leaves me

Wanting for revenge

Covered in flames

I'll try to console you

I'll do the best job that I can

But I'm sorry if

I only make it worse

'Cause I abusive myself through this words

That'll never be alright to say out loud

And I'm sorry baby

But I don't think I can feel it

The wound is getting much bigger now

The scar is so much deeper now

I don't think all the love in the world

Can change who I am inside

And I'm trying to do what I can for you

Though it may not, seem that way

Sometimes it's too hard to

Find another way

Because I'll hurt myself, from what I say

Things I do to you, verbally, still not right

And I'm driving myself insane

Over little things, broken promises

Don't look that way, don't turn around now

It's not too late to change the past