Nero pulled into his girlfriend's driveway and got off his motorcycle. He watched as the moon disappeared behind the clouds and wondered when it was supposed to rain tonight. The news had said there would be a 74 percent chanceof it raining tonight. But, that didn't really matter to him at the moment because nothing would be able to ruin tonight for him. As he approached and knocked on his girlfriend's door, he knew anytime he could spend time with his girlfriend was the greatest time of his life. The door swung opened and Jane Claire stood there grinning.

"About time you got here, you big ox," Jane Claire said. "I was about to start the movie without you."

"We couldn't have that, now could we?" Nero said. He straightened his leather jacket as he walked in and the two walked towards the living room.

"What kept you so long, anyway?" Jane Claire asked.

"I had to pick up my new cell phone," Nero replied as he placed it on the kitchen counter. "I just got it."

"Oh," Jane Claire replied. "Cool. Well, come on, time to get this movie started!"

The two went on to her living room. Nero sat down on the couch as Jane Claire put the DVD into the DVD player. She turned off the room's lights and sat next to Nero with a bowl full of popcorn.

The movie started and the two sat there watching and holding each others hands and fighting for the popcorn. As the two sat there enjoying the movie, Nero's cell phone began ringing from the kitchen. At first they didn't want to answer it, but the cell phone kept ringing, even after a full minute.

Nero sighed. "I'll be right back," he said. He went to answer the phone in the kitchen.

Jane Claire couldn't hear what he was saying, but about ten seconds after answering it, Nero walked back in the living room.

"Who was it?"

"I don't know," Nero replied.

"I thought you answered it?"

"I did," Nero said. "But no one said anything. They just hung up. I have no idea who it was. Didn't recognize the number either."

"Oh, well, it must have just been a wrong number then," Jane Claire said. "Come on and watch the movie."

Nero slid the cell phone into his blue jeans' pocket and sat down next to her. Jane Claire took the DVD off pause and they began watching again. Five minutes went by as they enjoyed the movie.

Suddenly, the cell phone rang again. Nero pulled it out and looked at the screen with the number.

"It's the same number," Nero said. "Pause the movie, I want to see who this idiot is."

Jane Claire paused it. "Hello? Who is this?" Nero paused for a few seconds. "I said who is this?" Another second. "Fine!" Nero discontinued the call.

"Did they not say anything again?"

"Not a word," Nero said. "I don't know what they're doing thou--" The cell phone rang again and Nero looked at the number.

It was the same caller.

Nero answered it. "Look, who the hell is this?" he asked with anger growing in his voice. "Either say something or quit calling!"


Nero once again discontinued the call. "This is getting ridiculous."

"Just turn it off," Jane Claire said.

"I am," Nero said. As he was about to turn it off, the phone rang again. Once again, it was the same number. "For the love of all things holy!"

He answered the phone. "I thought I just told you--"

"Never hang up on me again!" a voice screamed on the other end. "I'll kill you! Both of you! Damn it, I will kill both of you!"

Nero had never heard anyone so angry before. The person on the other end was obviously a male and he was angry. The person on the other end screamed so loudly, even Jane Claire could plainly hear the conversation.

"Look, you son of a bitch," Nero said, "I don't know who this is, but you better quit calling before I call the cops! I don't know what the hell you are talking about!" Nero hung up and turned off the phone before he could call back.

Jane Claire slid her arms around Nero's right arm. "Nero, I'm scared," she said.

"Don't worry about it," Nero said. "It's okay."

"Will you stay with me tonight?"

"Of course. Turn the movie back on and don't think about it anymore."

Jane Claire, still afraid, rested her head against Nero's shoulders. Fortunately, the night went on and nothing out of the ordinary happened. Soon enough, they never gave that particular event of the night another thought.

That is, until two days later.

Two days later, Nero stopped by a gas station to fill up his motorcycle. He pumped the gas and pulled out the money as he walked to pay for it inside. As he walked towards the entrance, he noticed the tray of newspapers and saw a headline that made him stop.

The headline read, "Girl Murdered Because of Cell Phone Call".

Nero placed the coins in the slot and grabbed a newspaper. He read the article in the paper and read it again.

"It can't be," he said to himself.

In the article, it said that a man had murdered his girlfriend in a fit of jealous rage two nights before. The boyfriend had kept calling what he believed to be his girlfriend's cell phone number. The suspect confessed that he had kept calling the number and another man kept answering the phone. The article said that, believing his girlfriend was cheating on him, he went to her house that night and killed her before turning himself in the next morning after realizing what he had done.

The article went on to explain that police discovered that he had been telling the truth about calling the number. But, the boyfriend had been wrong.

He had called the wrong cell phone number that whole night.