It was in a very simple pub.
A couple enters there. The young one was a red fox of 20 years, very cute but obviously very shy. The other, taller than him of a head and half, was a black wolf of thirty years with a good stature and was more sure of him. They sat down at a table, on a bench, one beside the other. The fox felts itself a little constrained, blushing a little the fur of its cheeks. It says to low voice with his companion:
- Are you sure that is a good idea, Ryota? A mating birthday in a pub, people could put questions...
- Relax, my lil' Kenjiro. Says the black wolf while smiling to him. Believe me; people don't give a fuck with that, now. Times have changed. It's not any more as at my time. It's very well accepted now...
- The fact remains that my old fears are always there. Says Kenjiro. I am afraid of the glance of people, human in particular...
- Sweetie, never think about what the others think. If you do that, you will look like them, and you won't be able to support it... " says Ryota, reassuring, while he sees his mate to blush even more with the word "sweetie".
Just at this time, the waiter arrives with his note-book.
- What do you want to drink?
- Well, I take a Furweiser. Says Ryota. And you Hon... Hem, my pal?
- Hemmmm.... says Kenjiro which had slighted when Ryota almost said "honey". Hem I don't know... a Coke.
- A Coke? Says Ryota surprised. For a day like that? Jeez, release itself a little!... Take to him a beer too.
- Two beers? Okay, here it goes." says the waiter then it set out again
Ryota smiles to his companion while saying:
- Relax yourself, my boy, don't worry. Then it's the good moment to test.
- Yeah... " says Kenjiro intimidated which started slightly when Ryota massed the shoulders to him.
They did not say anything until the return the waiter which brings back two beer glasses with two bottles of Furweiser and the note. The wolf poured beer in the two glasses of beer and the two males clinked glasses. "For our love which has done its first year." says Ryota what made blush Kenjiro which tasted this new flavour for him. He found the taste odd but the heating which he felt in his chest says him that finally he liked that. "That have good taste, he says. I will not drink that everyday but it's nice anyway" the wolf him smiles tenderly.
They drank the glasses of bier until the two bottles are empty. They were not drunk at all, but had less inhibition nevertheless. While he sees his boyfriend more relaxed, the wolf approached more close to him and put an arm on the shoulder of the fox, posing his head against the other. Kenjiro felt even more constrained.
- One should not do that. If the owner of the pub sees us.... Kenjiro started
- It will not do anything." Finish Ryota for reassuring it. It was let go, all inside the arms of the wolf. At a moment, Kenjiro known as: "Hun, I go to the toilets, I'll be right back." then goes to the toilets the pub.

He enters in one of the WC then made its deal. But at the moment when it had just finished, a voice tells him "Hmmmm, you look nice over here, you know?" The fox started, then calmed itself while seeing its matt which looked it over the wall which separated the WC from the others "You frightened me! Says Kenjiro. Be to you nutcase to make similar jokes!" The wolf spanned the wall to find itself face to his companion in this tiny corner. It tightened it in its arms while saying to him "Forgive me, honey. I did not want to scare you." Kenjiro reddens and tightened its matt in its arms, feeling its soft heat against its body Kenjiro felt also a part of Ryota which was now hard.
- Don't, sweetheart, that's not a good idea! says Kenjiro. Anybody can come here.
- Relax, hun. Let be yourself and all will occur quite, says Ryota. I know that you die about it of desire, I feel it.
- Y-yeah, it is true answered it. But it-it is... "
The wolf posed a finger on its chops, then on those of his companion by making "chuuuut" then he slowly took the pretty head of the fox between his paws and made him a languorous kiss. The fox hesitated one moment, and then answered the kiss by a tight hug. The wolf, while kissing him, rubs his back and scratch the base of his tail, which made purrs his boyfriend. The fox scratches back the base of the wolf's tail.
Then, the wolf stopped, put themselves at knees in front of the fox and peeled off the fly of his Jean and looked at the sex of his mate which was already in complete erection. "Yum.... It is one of the parts of you whom I prefer " murmured the wolf while passing his tongue on his chops. Then this same tongue started to venture on the top of the cock of the fox who couldn't contain a sigh of pleasure. Ryota licks well all around the top in the most significant places, and starts to feel some precum, which have a slightly salted taste. Then the wolf swallows the sex of his mate and started to make movements of comings and goings with its head. Taken by the pleasure, Kenjiro took the head of his mate and moves the kidneys at the same time while pants: "My god, Ryota, it's so good... I love you... I.... I will cum if you continue". The wolf stopped and while masturbating the fox, says to him: "go ahead, hun. I want of tone spooge. Don't hesitate." by smiling then he goes back to suck the member of Kenjiro which moved the kidneys even more quickly. More and more quickly... Suddenly, Kenjiro says: "Oh my god!!! I'm gonna... Oh yes here it comes!! I'm cumming!!!" and he releases a good quantity of spooge in the mouth of his companion, this cum being swallowed with delight by Ryota. Then, he hugs the hips of the fox against him, which hugs the head of the wolf against his hips, while letting its sex all against the cheek of the canine, with a little bit of spooge falling on the fur.
Kenjiro, while panting, says "sweetie, it was marvellous... I need to return the gift to you, immediately!" then he turns over, take off his Jeans, knelt and rested against the basin of the WC. "You are so adorable, my love." says Ryota while smiling. he take off his Jean in his turn, letting leave his huge sex and knelt in his turn. He lengthily rubs the buttocks of his mate with his sex, feeling the soft fur caressing his cock. Then he rubs the ass crack with it. Then he inserted it softly inside Kenjiro, feeling a new wave of pleasure invading him. The wolf continued to insert it, of further he could. Then he grabs the butt of the fox and began gently the moves. At each move, the wolf moans of pleasure. Then he goes more fast, panting: "Yes... oohh it's so good... it's as tight as at the first time!..." The fox tightened his anal muscles by jolts to increase the pleasure. His tail wraps around the size of the wolf, like retaining it at the bottom of him... The wolf moved more and more quickly, as quickly as a rabbit in coupling. "God, it's so good... I think that I'm go... I'm cumming!!!!" says the wolf. And in a moan of pleasure, Ryota releases his seed inside the butt of the fox. Then, while panting, he pulls down his sex and tightened all against the back of its matt which felt the spooge wolf to run on the ground. They remained one moment like that, without anything to say, benefiting from the moment.

A little later, they left the pub. The fox tightened the arm of the wolf against him, as make the couples in love.
- Honey, you know what? says Kenjiro. What's happened has opened my eyes. I believe that now, I am not any more afraid to show that I love you to anyone!
- I am so happy for you, my love." Ryota answered.
They stop, and then the wolf, rubbing the cheeks of its mate, looked at it right in the eyes. "That makes one year that one leaves together. But with that, I have the impression that this first year was right the beginning." known as Ryota while smiling.
Kenjiro smiles and hugs his companion in his arms. He felt very happy.