midnight confession (just four hours late)

it's 4am and i'm wide awake.
it's not because of the caffeine.
it's because i'm crazy thinking about you
but trying not to because i'm not allowed to
because it's not anything possible
and it's a waste of time to strive for what's not possible.

impossible is nothing
nothing for me nothing for you
i like you but there's nothing i can do
so it's all just nothing.

nothing is bothering me
nothing is driving me crazy
nothing is eating me up
and spitting me out
so that i'm all chewed up
all chewed out.

i hate i love i love i hate i love i hate i hate i love i love i hate i love.

chaotic words from chaotic souls
life is so chaotic
but chaos is exciting
so let's sing songs
and dance to a symphony of unsleepfulness
that's not a word, unsleepfulness.
but what's a word anyway?

words are useless.
they never come out right
they fumble and stumble and mix everything up
you can never find the right words for anything
especially nothing.

words defile expression
it's a wretched thing
that we must communicate with words
because words can never do justice
to the things you really want to communicate.

i you.

i just can't find the right words
i'm going to sleep now.
but this morning when i woke up
it was done.

let lovers love let dreamers dream.