Author's Note: Guten tag to all my loyal fans and hopeful new readers. Now before you start reading this little ditty, there are a few disclaimers I have to make. For starters, let me just apologize for starting a story when many are just starving for updates. I haven't been in the mood to update the others all that much due to a lack of inspiration at the moment. I'm in a bit of a slump with how my personal life is, and we all know that can screw things up. However, I had the urge to write this because I don't have the attention span to make it into a comic. I'm not going to lie: it's one of those stories I expect no one to have any interest in believing. Normally I like to make my fantasies "cult-worthy" as I have come to call it. As in, I try my hardest to make the unbelievable as believable as possible. This is just a fucked up fairy tale. Oh ya, speaking of fucked up, there's a lot of adult stuff not meant for the kiddies. There's dirty language galore, sexual situations, and references little chillun's just aren't gonna get… And well, there ya go…

Any songs mentioned in this story are not the property of me. This includes Sam the Sham's "Lil' Red Riding Hood," which just so happens to be the "introduction." Please enjoy. -Jester

------A Song to Read to------

"Lil' Red Riding Hood" by Sam the Sham and the Pharaohs


Who's that I see walkin' in these woods?

Why, it's Little Red Riding Hood…

Hey there Little Red Riding Hood

You sure are looking good

You're everything a big bad wolf could want

Listen to me

Little Red Riding Hood

I don't think little big girls should

Go walking in these spooky old woods alone


What big eyes you have

The kind of eyes that drive wolves mad

So just to see that you don't get chased

I think I ought to walk with you for a ways

What full lips you have

They're sure to lure someone bad

So until you get to grandma's place

I think you ought to walk with me and be safe

I'm gonna keep my sheep suit on

Until I'm sure that you've been shown

That I can be trusted walking with you alone


Little Red Riding Hood

I'd like to hold you if I could

But you might think I'm a big bad wolf so I won't


What a big heart I have

The better to love you with

Little Red Riding Hood

Even bad wolves can be good

I'll try to be satisfied

Just to walk close by your side

Maybe you'll see things my way

Before we get to grandma's place

Hey there Little Red Riding Hood

You sure are looking good

You're everything that a big bad wolf could want


I mean baaaaaa


--------------Chapter One--------------

Once upon a time, in the magical land of southern New Hampshire, there dwelled a wonderful college in the midst of a forest. Truly the campus was something to behold; a beautiful lake, lush green yards, and trees that were stunningly beautiful at the time of year this story takes place. Yes, autumn had fallen upon the land. Leaves of oranges, reds, browns, and yellows made their canopy a spectacle famous across the country.

This was a magnificent college, not quite on the level of Yale or Harvard, or famous, even, but very good. It was a college for the exceptionally intelligent, incredibly wealthy, and for whoever didn't apply to the above but were excellent in the art of having sex. And you had to be absolutely astounding, for bribery by sexual favor was so common those days that such a prestigious college would need a little more than just a quick bang.

And on this note, our story begins…

The psychology class buzzed with the first conversations of the morning. Cliques and friends gathered together to talk before their class began. There was an assortment of colorful characters and typical college student stereotypes, much like a box of chocolates. But different. When their professor walked in and motioned for them to hush, they obliged, some returning to their own seats.

The class went on per usual. Some paid full attention, some partial, and some simply wanted to take the class to get a credit. Nothing out of the norm for most of the lesson. But this day was to be special.

The door opened and in walked a tall, slender, yet toned figure. Easily this youth could be mistaken for a very hot young man, if not for the impressive rack and long, well taken care of hair. And when it was taken into account that she was, indeed, female, she was still hot. As either gender, she was a fine specimen of a human being. Her masculine, cocky walk lead her down the stairs, her infamous smirk playing on her full lips. She fluidly slunk into the end of a row, tipping her black fedora up with her thumb and lowering her slightly shaded glasses to offer an appreciative gaze to the girls she sat by.

"Ms. Wilder, well, isn't this a surprise," the professor commented as he turned from the large chalkboard.

"Yeah, well, I woke up this morning and thought to myself, 'Jordan ole' girl, today we're gonna do ourselves some book learnin'.' And here I am," she replied smoothly, the smirk never leaving her face. She leaned against the back row with her hands behind her head, her two eye brow piercings and one piercing in the middle of her lower lip glinting in the light. She looked down at her bust and removed a piece of lint from her men's wife beater.

The professor merely shook his head. "Whatever you say, Jordan. Just don't distract the other students," he said, knowing full well she had no intention of actually dedicating to the class. Jordan Wilder hardly ever showed up to a class.

"Yeah Ms. Wilder, don't distract us," a meat head of a football player agreed from the other end of the row, pronouncing her last name wrong.

"First off, big guy, it's villder, not 'wilder.' I know my reputation precedes me but there's no need to go screwing up my name." Every word she spoke practically flowed off the famous tongue. Everyone knew about the tongue ring and that instead of being in the middle as was typical amongst most, hers was near the tip. Stories got around about exactly what she could do with it. "And second, I don't intend on distracting you guys." Her amber-brown eyes danced with a sudden fire only the girls sitting next to her could see. The one closest to Jordan gave her friends a nervous look. The women in the school knew to never overlook anything Jordan Wilder said, because if they did, it wouldn't be until it was too late that they'd understand the hints. The added word "guys" made the girl's friends giggle and grin reassuringly.

The girl was by no means repulsed. But she remained wide eyed as she tried to at least pretend to focus on the professor's lecture. She focused her gorgeous jade eyes on the professor, pulling a stray strand of shimmering brown hair behind her ear.

Jordan leaned forward, her smirk spreading to a confident grin involuntarily. "Katie, do you have any notes on this unit that I could barrow. I'd like to have a clue what's going on," she murmured.

Katie didn't turn to look at her, but her nervousness still shone. She slowly bent over to go under the table to retrieve her bag. Doing this gave Jordan a glorious view of her perfect ass. The lesbian praised whoever made tight jeans as she exploded a mental "Damn!"

"I like your hair up like this," she commented nonchalantly. The girl paused as the rummaged through her bag, then continued. When she got up and handed her a few papers, Jordan thanked her with a charming smile and placed them on the table carelessly.

After drawing out the stare down to search Katie's expression, she smirked, and leaned over the papers. She pretended to read them, though smiling while going over psychology notes was a bit suspicious. Satisfied with what she had found in Katie's analysis, a wandering hand slid down to the bench. As a fingertip made first contact with foreign denim, Jordan heard her prey gasp. She didn't look at her and pretended nothing was happening as she creeped up Katie's thigh, stroking it slowly.

Jordan had been right in her assumption. She always was. She knew girls like she knew breathing. As the hand made its way ever closer to its final destination, Katie parted her legs a bit. Though the good student wanted to pay attention, she wanted this far more. Down into the pants Jordan went, with a slight mental joke to herself about how she felt kind of guilty for distracting someone who truly wanted to succeed. Then again, wasn't this worth it? She stayed outside the girl's panties, loving the art of teasing with all her heart. Katie wanted to make grateful noises, the provider could tell, but knew she couldn't or else reveal what was truly happening beneath their table. Jordan took the labored breathing as reward enough. Nothing got her off like making a girl get off. Feeling a warmness between her own legs, she decided to take the next step…

And the bell rang. A look of horror struck Katie as she realized what was happening had to end. Jordan stood up, completely casual as if nothing had happened yet still maintaining an air of sensuality. She looked down at her latest prey and licked her fingers. Katie gawked. Then the notorious lesbian bent down by Katie's ear and whispered, "If you liked the first taste, well… You know where my room is…" With that, the legendary sex hound left.

Jordan the Smirk, as she was known, walked the halls; her well-known masculine walk had a spring in her step like every time she got up it was after a good round of sex. It wasn't always the case; Jordan was a very optimistic person. She liked life, generally. Almost every part of her was famous; her smirk, her hat, her neon blue hair, her eyes, her tits, her style, her "adventures," her tongue ring, and her dog collar. The dog collar was something of a rumor, though. It was huge. The thing hung loosely from her neck with enormous spikes. Most said it looked like it belonged on a large performance animal. Some of the wilder rumors said she had wrestled a bear or lionto steal it from him. Jordan's ability to pick a good fight didn't help this gossip end, either.

She decided to go down to the cafeteria and enjoy a nice breakfast. She wasn't planning on going to her next class, anyways. Three of her friends were already there.

"So how'd it go?" Ben asked, lifting his glasses to the top of his spiky-haired head before examining his tray.

"Well, let's just say, if for some reason she doesn't come knocking on my door right away, she'll be like a crack whore who's supplier's gone dry till she does," Jordan answered, taking a ketchup drenched home fry from his tray and popping it in her mouth.

"Which one was it?" Liem queried, holding a dry looking carrot close to his face and looking very disappointed in how lazy the lunch ladies were getting.

The only reason Jordan had even gone to her first class was to see if she could tempt the girl. She had noticed Katie and her friends giving her looks, and, though impartial to which one she took, was rather hoping it would be Katie. The Smirk had had her eye on her for quite a while and it was only a matter of time until she gave in to her desire.

"Boys, I had my eyes on the prize and the prize was mine," she said triumphantly.

"So you hooked Katie then, eh?" Logan replied, navy blue eyes shining expectantly.

Jordan taking a long swig of her grape soda with an indifferent air was her answer. There was a chorus of congratulations and expressions of pride, along with a pat of the back and a punch of the shoulder. "So ya, if I don't show up at the bar tonight, you know where I am," she stated.

Liem removed his backwards black cabby hat, held it to his chest, and raised his glass. His companions followed suit, Jordan removing her fedora. "To living the good life," he toasted. He lowered his round-lensed, purple sun glasses on the bridge of his nose with a mischievous look. "And to getting a good lay from time to time."

"Ha, more like all the time," Jordan replied amidst the agreements as their drinks clinked.