AT HER PENTHOUSE By:Andrew Troy Keller

My name is Gary Hewitt and I had just flown myself all the way to the City of New York to wish my good friend and fellow comic book artist,Neal Adams a very happy sixty fourth birthday,but as soon as I had stepped off the plane and into the airport,I had suddenly bumped into a female stranger just because I wasn't watching where I was going.

Anyway,as soon as I had helped the poor girl get back up on her feet and gave her a good enough look,I had suddenly discovered that she was a dead ringer for a hot Hollywood babe named Teri Hatcher,who happens to be one of the stars of the hit ABC TV series entitled DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES.

The Teri Hatcher double's name was Rebecca Crane and she was on her way back to her Manhattan penthouse apartment after a business trip for her publishing company,only to have the both of us accidently bump into each other at the airport.

Anyway,after we had apologized to each other for what has happened and had ourselves a nice little chat,Rebecca has invited me to join her at her penthouse for some lunch and I had allowed myself to accept her invitation.

Just then,as soon as we had arrived at the penthouse and started enjoying our noon day meal,both Rebecca and I had looked at each other's eyes for a minute or two and kissed ourselves ever so passionately on the lips just before we had moved ourselves into the bedroom,stripped off all of our clothes and placed our nude bodies on the bed.

And after we had allowed ourselves to experience hot and untamed erotic pleasure,the both of us had collapsed and fell asleep with our naked arms in a lover's embrace.

Just then,as soon as I had arrived at the comic book store where Neal Adams was holding his birthday bash,I had looked at my date for the party,let out a smile and asked,"Well,Rebecca?Are you ready to enjoy a real party?"

And after she had turned her head towards me and let out a smile of her own,Miss Rebecca Crane has placed her gentle hand on my shoulder and answered,"You better believe I am,Gary.Let's go wish Neal a happy sixty fourth birthday."