Silent Declaration

As I look out, into the night
stark darkness all I see
but dare I think, or dare I say
I see a face staring back at me?

But no, it is nothing
but my reflection on the glass
my own eyes, my own lips
smiling at some unuttered joke,
or is it more?

And as I continue
to search the night
and peer deep into the sky
I stop and wonder, at my own state
and lift a silent cry,

and deepening my gaze, into the dark and deep
I wonder as I see a light
flashing constantly
if it is more than a mark of place—
perhaps the call of destiny.

And so I must, in my search
turn my head and sigh
for I can see no further
in the night.

Yet it calls to me,
beckoning, some how knowing my name
and since it is so, I reach out
and destiny—I claim.

Admitting knowingly that
this life is not my own
I smile, laughing silently
for this world is not my home.

So in this momentary silence
and reflection of the soul
I dare to take a chance
and claim that I am whole.

Destiny, come find me
calling that you may
and claiming that this world
will see a brighter day,

And may that light, I carry
into the darkest night
until one day I find myself
enveloped in the light.