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Title: December's Rain

Chapter One


December dropped face first into the puffy mass that was her bed. There was only one thing to say – Thank God it was Friday! Her brain felt completely fried, cramped up from all the days punishment. She needed a rest, peace and quiet. She needed a good nap. She needed a good soak. She needed-

"What?" To be left alone! Damn it! December grumbled at her cell phone, speaking gruffly, knowing full well who it was, and not because of specialized ringers.

"DC! Baby, you sound tired. Rough day at school?" The excited tones of Rhoslyn Chase made her ears ache.

"Rhoslyn Amber Chase-" December didn't need to hear the hiss on the other end to know her best friend wasn't pleased at hearing her full name.

"- You make me want to kill you." December finished, rolling over so as to not be suffocated by her hair.

"Aw, now DC, sweetheart, no need to take your frustrations out on an unsuspecting Rhos." Rhoslyn replied, her words sugary sweet. December knew it was coming; she was just waiting for her to strike.

"Rhos, what do you want? Because I'm very tired. I had a very hard day. Do you understand how very much you are irritating me?" She let her annoyance flow through the phone. Rhos winced on the other end.

"Alright, DC, I'm sorry. I just wanted to invite you out with me and the guys later." Since Rhos actually sounded sorry, she decided to listen. December sighed and rubbed her temples.

"Where? This had better not be another one of your stupid plans to show me how truly gay I am, because I'm not. I have a boyfriend." She smiled at the thought of Daniel, her headache starting to fall away...

"Your very GAY boyfriend." And just like that, it was back. Stupid Rhos.

"Rhoslyn A-" Her voice threatened, holding out the first vowel of 'Amber'.

"No! Alright, truly, it's not! It's a club called The Curb, friendly to all sexual preferences. My friend owns it; she wanted us to come and check out the new renovations. Please? It's bound to be fantastic, I don't want to go without you." Rhos would be truly sad without her best friend beside her, as she often did when December wasn't around. They were like sisters, all of their lives they had known each other.

"Do you promise? No pushy-go-dance-with-that-girl-stuff? I really can't take it today, Rhossy." She smiled as Rhos 'awed' over the phone.

"Everything will be great, especially me. It's just for fun, I promise. You sound like you need it. Now, I'll pick you up at eight, I'm driving tonight. You can get as smashed as you want!" Rhos was cheerful now, even though she knew without a doubt, that December Annette Bennett would never in a million years, get drunk.

"It's not likely." She hung up then, not caring to say goodbye. DC smiled as her friends squeak at being hung up on whirled about in her head.

Once the tones of Rhos were gone from her tortured mind, DC snuggled down into her comforter for a good two hour nap.

At precisely 6:55, December was woken up by the sound of her answering machine whirring to life on her nightstand. Her head popped up from somewhere within the tangled sheets just to hear...

"DC, sweetheart! I almost forgot, make sure you where mostly black, alright? It's very important! The Curb is color coded, tonight is black, don't forget!" The machine cut her off then (thank god) the whirring stopped.

"Sweetheart." December mimicked, glaring at the machine. She had an hour and two minutes to get ready after she finally found her way out of bed.

Slowly, the auburn haired woman made her way into her bathroom. Her midnight blue eyes clenched shut as her bare feet met the cold tile of the bathroom floor. Putting aside a mental note to buy rugs, December quickly stripped down and turned on the shower.

After a wonderfully hot, twenty minute shower December declared herself clean. Stepping out, she dried off with a fluffy black towel, running her hands along her silky smooth legs. Once the towel was snuggly wrapped around her trim form and her hair genie wrapped in another towel, she met her reflection in the mirror and began her after shower ritual.

"Mostly black she said...Good golly gee, Biv, whatever shall I wear?" She mumbled, not noticing the look in her little black pooch's face. For her dog's name was actually Biv, sadly. Biv grumbled and settled back down in his doggie bed, determined to ignore her, so it seemed.

December Bennett was one for color; she didn't like wearing ensembles consisting of totally black or white. Without any thought, she pulled out a tight black tank top that had deep purple vertical pinstripes with a low sloping neckline and low back. Next, she pulled out a solid black pleated skirt, just long enough to make it past her thighs long, with a pair of strap, low, black leather heels. She laid the outfit out on her bed and proceeded to dry her hair, pulling her dark locks into low pigtails, allowing her natural Irish curls to fall over her shoulders.

Finally dressed and adding last touches to her pink lip gloss, Rhos arrived in her bedroom, cheery as ever.

"DC! You are every girl's wet dream, you know that? Love that skirt." Rhos smiled sweetly, leaning on the wall, surveying her friend. December blushed and glanced at the blonde before placing her black star dangle earrings in and adding black bracelets to her wrists. Rhos of course, wore only black, being the blonde bombshell she was. Her golden honey tresses were curled to perfection, falling around her face as if she were an angel. DC resisted laughing at that thought, knowing full well her best friend was not an angel.

"Yes, I do look fantastic, don't I?" December stood, smoothing her short skirt. She took a good long look at her friend's favorite little black dress, the bit of fabric that it truly was, it showed far more than it covered.

"Sweetheart, you're a fox! Let's get going, the girls are waiting downstairs." Rhos giggled and pulled DC along. She couldn't wait to get to the club, she couldn't wait for...

If I even think it, she'll know. Rhos stopped herself, and for good reason. DC could probably read her thoughts.

Downstairs of the home her parents had given her, DC found her favorite twins. Kelly and Stella Evermore were giggling over Biv, the brown and black Pomeranian. Biv had come with the house, hardly a year old. He had been a gift for December from her loving parents when she moved to the city to be close to the Masters Elite School, a highly prestigious private school centralized in New York.

"Kelly, Stella! You're in town!" She rushed to hug the two browned haired girls, feeling as if she hadn't seen them in months. If she thought about it, it would occur to her that she hadn't seen them in months. The twins were gifted fashion designers. Last she knew, they were on their way to Naples in Italy.

"We came back for a bit-" Stella started, her bright green eyes shining as her light brown head bobbed in excitement.

"-to draw inspiration from our friends." Kelly finished as if she started the sentence, a brown eye winking at from beneath a few locks of deep brown. December giggled, the twins may be fraternal, but they were identical in personality, almost.

"It's so great to see you. I've missed you both like crazy!" December laughed and pulled them to her again, the other two squealing with delight. Rhos looked on with a gentle smile. She really did good work sometimes.

As the blonde watched, all she could think of was how good this was for her best friend. December Bennett was an incredibly devoted Earth Science teacher, and while she was paid well, she was always stressed. Rhoslyn had been trying for nearly two years to get the brunette to loosen up and enjoy life a little more. DC usually just complained about being too busy. It pained Rhos to see that this was true, December was even too busy to notice her own true desires. Desires suppressed even more with closeted Daniel Gray around.

"Alright girls, let's head out. Can't keep the public waiting, can we?" Rhos ushered them, assuring December that the doggy door was open, and yes all the doors were locked.


Philantha Summers hummed along to the music pulsing downstairs on the dance floor as she watched from up in her lookout. Her uncle had passed the club down to her six years ago when she had been fresh out of business school. Uncle Reggie simply wished she kept it as clean as possible, just as he had.

So, Philly had done just that. With her saved money and lots of help from Uncle Reggie, she had revamped the club to fit new codes and laws, giving it a look that would bring in the customers and regulars it would need. Then, the theme had been very new age and classy, without being so sophisticated it would scare people. Everything had been accented with silver and rich leather, touches of dark greens everywhere with the perfect circle lights.

Now that she looked back, it had been rather moody.

But after giving Uncle Reggie's club a new look; she gave it a new name. The Curb, for it was on a curb, was obvious but catchy. Before it had been called simply Reggie's, pulling in people by simple name alone, the business and good times associated with her Uncle's name. After the new name, Philly searched for the perfect staff of bartenders, bouncers, DJs', a technical crew, and waitresses. The new owner also looked into guard dogs.

She refused to allow drugs into her club. Not now, not ever.

"Hey, Boss Lady, Gabe is calling you from the floor. Your guests have arrived." Mike, one of the technical staff that worked the lights, poked her in the arm. He tapped his head phone and grinned. Philly pinched him and smiled, waving goodbye as she left the central box for the throbbing mass of dancing bodies.

"That girl needs a head set, man." Jack bobbed his head to the music and he pressed a few buttons to switch the speakers. Mike nodded along, leaving the black lights on for the fast techno beat.

Philantha stopped in her office quickly to touch up her hair and fix her black, snake skin Minnie skirt. There was a knock at her door just as she finished fiddling with the strap to her black halter top.

"Come in!" Philly held her breath, a hand still fidgeting with her chocolate hair, tucking a soft natural curl behind her ear. To her relief, Gabe (the head bouncer) popped his head in, grinning, his dark eyes smoldering.

"Boss Lady, Rhos and her girls are here. I believe one of them is just your type. Stop messing around and get up there!" Gabe chuckled in his deep baritone, shutting the door on her glare.

"I'm coming..." She mumbled as she left her sanctuary.

December looked around, truly impressed with how The Curb was decorated. Instead of the plain silver round columns that had once stood, white Roman Columns took their place. The groups' black leather booth table was seated in between two, overlooking the tables and checkered dance floor. The brunette grinned as she watched Kelly and Stella play with the candles on the table, Rhos constantly smacking their hands.

"Really, children! Do I have to put you in time out?" Rhos mock glared, a slow smile creeping up her face as it turned slowly seductive. The blonde leaned closer to Stella, whispering –

"Doesn't time out sound like fun?" Stella giggled and felt a shiver run through her. Rhos just waggled her eyebrows but was soon distracted as a beautiful blonde waitress brought them their drinks.

"Here you are ladies - if you need anything just ask for Nina." The blonde Nina said as she leaned over the table to place Rhos's drink in front of her, winking in the process. Rhos smiled back with a small grin.

"Oh yes, will do Nina." Rhos stroked the waitress's chin with her long fingers and watched Nina walk away.

"Goodness, can't you wait until we've been here a little longer?" December looked over to her best friend, who just stuck her tongue out.

"Hey, some of us don't like the closet." Rhos smirked as December blushed and averted her eyes.

"Closet?" Four heads turned to the new voice. Rhos grinned and jumped up from the booth, hugging the new comer. December's eyes widened at the sight of owner of the question.

"Rhos! I'm so glad you could make it! And you've brought friends! Good evening ladies." The new girl smiled happily as her deep brown eyes twinkled in the dark lighting.

"Girls, this gorgeous woman is Philantha Summers. She's the owner of The Curb. Philly, meet the pretty as all Hell twins, Kelly and Stella," Rhos gestured gracefully to Kelly beside DC and then to Stella beside her. They both giggled sweetly and shook Philly's hand.

"And this amazingly gorgeous girl is December Annette Bennett." Rhos leaned over and hugged her best friend, clinking their heads together. Her big blue eyes twinkled in the light. Philly smiled charmingly and held out her hand which December shook while giving Rhos an odd look.

"It's nice to meet you, Philly. Rhos was definitely right about your club, it's amazing." December smiled beautifully though her eyes told a different story that neither Philly nor the twins were picking up on. But Rhos knew the story well by now.

Oh yes, it was the story of her doom. It started the same way, December smiling dazzlingly at the chosen target. Inside her cunning mind however, Rhos knew her best friend's dominating thoughts were not about how beautiful the newest girl was, no, DC's thoughts were connecting dots so fast her head should be spinning. The brunette suddenly knew the begging and tall tale about missing her was a lie. It was all a sad, evil trick to get DC to the club where there waited another girl. The girl, Philly in this case, is charming, beautiful, and intelligent. The end comes abruptly as usual, according to all the precedents. Rhos sighed.

"Oh thank you sooo much! It was a little moody in here before...to much green I think. I wanted something much more hypnotizing and jazzy, hence the checker board tiles..." Philly looked around in wonder at her hard work and gazed back at DC with soft brown eyes.

"It really is awesome, love the waitresses." Stella glued her eyes to the glutes of one redheaded waitress as she passed by. Kelly merely poked her and smiled apologetically to Philly. Unlike her sister, Kelly was a straight girl all the way and didn't look at a girl unless she liked her outfit.

"Yes, they are quite beautiful. Mostly I hired them because they're fast, have great memories, and can balance anything on their arms. Jesse actually puts her orders on her head! I have no idea how she does it." Philly had a proud twinkle in her eye as the girls giggled. December smiled and gazed down at the crowd. Does she know she's bait? Maybe after I shoot this one down, Rhos will give it a rest...

Rhos frowned as she watched the cogs turn in her friend's head. The blonde suddenly felt a rush of nervousness. What had she gotten Philly in to? What if December would use her to make a point like she did with Ashley? Poor Ashley...Hadn't Rhos learned anything from that?

Philantha glanced down at her blonde friend and read the slight panicked look on her face. She glanced from the blonde to the pretty brunette and came to the conclusion that if she didn't do something, someone would explode. She finished up her conversation with Kelly and moved over to the pillar closest to December.

"December, do you have a boyfriend?" Leaning casually, Philantha Summers dropped her first bomb onto December Bennett. Two sets of eyes snapped to her slim frame.

"Oh, yes, I do. His name is Daniel Gray, why do you ask?" December always did hold her surprise in far better than Rhos; her eyes were bugging out of her head so far she looked like a cartoon.

"Hmmm, what a shame." Philly's sexy frame moved from the pillar to lean down on the booth next to December's head. "Do you see that stunning piece of man down there? By the left side of the bar?" She pointed down to a dark haired man with chiseled features. December looking puzzled, nodded her head.

"He's a friend of mine and you really are just his type. I enjoy setting him up."

Rhos choked loudly on her drink, spluttering some. Oh my dear lord Sandra, did she just play the 'set up' card? Philly, you are sooo sly! I owe you BIG! Her mind whirled with thoughts of her hide not being toasted by a mad Irish girl. December was severely impressed. This one plays a smooth game.

"That is a shame. It's nice of you to set him up, but, I hardly think he needs help..." December giggled as she gestured her head in the man in question's direction where three girls were laughing loudly over his smooth talking. Philly grinned, recognizing her defeat.

"As for me, he's not my type of man. His face is just so...blocky. I'm content with Danny." At the mention of Danny, Rhos made a sour face and coughed. December just squeezed her hand and shifted around the blonde and out of the booth.

"It was nice to meet you, Philantha Summers. I love your club, but, I'm so tired I'm going to head home." December promptly shook her hand again and hugged the twins goodbye.

"Don't worry Rhos, I'll grab a cab home." December kissed the top of her friend's head while discreetly pinching her on the arm. You are in SO much trouble Rhoslyn...

"Oh, well, come back again! It was a pleasure to meet you." Philly smiled as the brunette merely nodded and walked down the lighted stairway to the exit. The club owner sighed and settled next to Rhos, who was sulking at another lost opportunity to get her friend out of the closet.

"Damn it, I thought she would come out this time..." Rhos sighed miserably, resting her head on her arm. Kelly and Stella clucked their tongues and shook their heads.

"She's so beautiful..." Philly gazed dreamily at nothing, a goofy smile on her face. The three around her snapped their heads up in surprise. Rhos poked her.


"December, I love her name, her entire name. It just fits so well together and her eyes...oooh her eyes! Just deep with intelligence!" She twirled a curl around a slender finger and giggled.

"When can I see her again?" Philly asked suddenly, pulling a gasp from the twins and a squeal from Rhos.

"OH! Philly!" Rhos threw her arms around Philly's neck and hugged her close, squealing like a teenager. Kelly and Stella bounced in excitement, giggling madly.

"You really like her Philly? You're sure?" Stella asked in one breathe, eagerly wanting an answer. Philly nodded her head.

"Just looking at her with her amazing eyes..." Philly whipped around to look Rhos straight in the eyes and took up the blonde's hands in hers, "I need to get to know her Rhos, I want to know what I felt was real."

And the ecstatic Rhoslyn could only nod with her happiness. She had done it; she had found the girl to love December the way she deserved! And this one won't back down...


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