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Title: December's Rain

Chapter Eleven


Less than four weeks after meeting December's school friends, Philantha Summers was waking up in her apartment above her beloved club. Her bedroom was a spaced out affair with large windows on one wall looking out over a street and a bakery. Thick, heavy curtains were covering them at the moment. The slimmest streak of sunlight made its way in to cast some light. Her bed sat in the middle of the room on a fuzzy red rug and it was the centerpiece. Its rich mocha sheets and cushy light green comforter were always so inviting. The walls were red brick and a suite bathroom was off to the side. And the ceiling was a clean white with four colorful well positioned chandeliers hanging down.

Philly was admiring all this because she was currently trapped.

She was trapped beneath December Annette Bennett.

Despite how it sounds, she liked waking up this way. It happened mostly on the weekends. Friday or Saturday someone would be in the other's bed. Sometimes, December came to the club on Friday night and either waited by the bar for Philly or went up to the apartment to check on Biv. Other times, maybe a Saturday, Philly would close the Curb and drive the few minutes to DC's. From there Biv would greet her and the two of them crawled into bed with DC at around two in the morning.

This was a Sunday morning at Philly's. December moved in her sleep. So did Biv. The brunette often ended up snuggled half on top of Philly, admitting soft sighs when she was comfortable. DC woke Philly up once doing this because it was so new to the club owner. Philantha had woken up, debated moving her lovely girlfriend, and then had went back to sleep. Never to be woken by it again.

"Though, getting out is harder." She mumbled to herself, stroking DC's nest of curls.

With gentle precision, Philly untwined her one leg and shifted the teacher off of her. A small smile graced her lips and chocolate colored eyes stared down at December. A hand petted the dark curls one last time and she kissed her cheek before leaving the bed.

Philantha Summers was a morning person.


An hour and a half later found Philly and Biv in the kitchen making breakfast. Springsteen was playing lowly on a radio next to the toaster as Philly chopped peppers. Philly had readied herself for the day, not having to really tiptoe around December. If there was no alarm to wake her, DC was quite the hard sleeper.

So she and Biv had gone for a walk to soothe the excitable little dog of his morning energy and done a little shopping before returning to the Curb. Now it was time to wake December.

December was currently hiding underneath the mocha sheets, a few curls poking out. Philly grinned as her hair always gave away where she was at under the sheets. Kneeling onto the bed, she peeled back the covers just as a frown twisted pink lips. A moan of indignity escaped and Philly giggled lightly. She shook her girlfriend gently until hazel eyes blearily looked up at her.

"Good morning, baby." Philly smiled at her pet name and helped December to sit up.


"I have hot tea for you in the kitchen."

"Lots of sugar?"

"A ton."

December smiled lopsidedly and tugged on Philly's ponytail affectionately before telling her she'd be out in a few minutes.

True to her word, December was sitting on the cushy bench, curled up with sugar and a spot of tea by the time Philly added the peppers to the eggs.

"Good morning, Philly." Hazel eyes smiled at her over steaming tea. Philly grinned back.

"Good morning, baby."

DC smiled behind her cup, enjoying the affectionate name.

"You are so kind to me in the morning."

"I know how much you hate the birds."

There was a glare of hatred for the day-bats.

"Rhos used to tickle my feet until I got up when we were little."

Philly set a plate in front of her, stealing a kiss before she returned to the stove.

"That's pretty evil of her. I guess that's why you're ticklish everywhere but your feet?"
"Don't tell her. I've managed to make her think it still works for over nineteen years."

They were silent for sometime, enjoying their breakfast together. December played with Biv with her feet as usual while Philly tuned the radio and read the paper.

Eventually, December had to bring it up.

"It's hard to believe I won't see you for two weeks." Her stomach fluttered at the thought.

"It'll be alright. I waited awhile to have you and two weeks won't change things." Philly smiled reassuringly.

"Besides that, I need a vacation. Ireland is my only way out of being a hypocrite. I can be all touristy when I get there." Her smile brightened. DC could tell she was truly excited.

"Good, I'm really happy that you're willing to come. Rhos and I will be back a couple of weeks later."

Philly was surprised by this.

"You don't have to cut your trip short for me."

December shook her head, lifting Biv into her lap.

"No, no, I'll just be lonely while my parents sail. I see them at the holidays anyways. They don't mind either. Anyways," She got up with her plate, kissing Philly's cheek. "I'll miss you like crazy."


A couple of days later all of December's students had been tested and their exams were graded. Her bags were packed and Biv was carefully avoiding the dog carrier. Philantha's stomach was fluttering with butterflies. It was true that she didn't need to worry about DC going away for two weeks. That didn't stop her from being nervous.

"Philly?" December peeked around the corner to stare at her girlfriend in the living room. Philly just looked up at her quietly.

"You look a little pale, are you alright?" The teacher asked while walking over to her.

"I'm alright. I think I might be getting a cold."

Her body flushed as December's hands moved over her neck and forehead.

"Hmmm, no fever and you're not swollen. Are you sure you're not tweaking a little?" Hazel deadlocked onto brown and Philly's face flamed back to life.

"I'm sorry!" She said miserably and clunked her head on to December's shoulder. In turn, December giggled and petted her hair.

"I'm sorry, I really am. I thought I was use to the idea but it's going to be so..." Philly lifted her head, looking sheepish.

"Everything will be fine. Two weeks will go by fast and then you'll be there with me! I won't meet anyone else, especially not out there in the country."

"I know it. I'm going to miss you like mad." Philly hugged her close as they stood and grabbed her keys.

"Come on, then. The Irish are waiting for their bonny lass."

December giggled as they piled into Philly's SUV and started for the airport.

The airport, more crowded with people headed to Ireland than Philly would have ever imagined, was a simple affair. If you exclude the little mess that was some, now very frightened, airport service desk representative pestering DC a little too much with pet insurance for the flight. Philly had barely contained her laughter as December dug into the older woman for being so inept as to not notice the note on her ticket about her pet's stowage.

"If Biv so much as sheds too much after this flight, I'll sue you bastards, understand? Quit harassing me!" The half Irish girl growled with some menace as her curls seemed to be wilder and her eyes fierce with promised retribution.

The service desk rep merely cowered behind her desk and nodded solemnly.

"Damn, I didn't know you could be so menacing, December." Philly said with a small grin as she steered her girlfriend towards her gate. "You're heritage is showing."

December ducked her head with a meek smile.

"Maybe, but I actually get my temper from the British side. My mother is far more even tempered than my father." December replied, missing the surprise on Philly's face and was subsequently stopped halfway towards the gate.

"You're half Brit half Irish?" Philly gazed at her with amazed curiosity.

"You didn't know?"

"No idea. How does that happen?"

December giggled as they continued walking.

"Long story short, my parents married and then moved to the states to settle away from their families."

"Some day I have to hear the story of the British Father, the Irish Mother, and the American Daughter." Philly felt her body warm as December leaned on her affectionately, giggling cutely as they arrived at the gate finally.

Both of the young women fell quiet as they neared entrance.

"Ready?" Philly smiled slightly, locking eyes with her girlfriend. December shook her curls, squeezing her hands together.

"I've done this so many times. It's never been so nerve wracking."

Philly felt her heart pump loudly in her ears. Putting a hand into soft, brunette curls she tugged DC close. Arms wrapped around her waist instantly and she tilted DC's face up slightly.

"I'll see you in two weeks. Call me when you and Biv land." Her brown eyes searched DC's hazel ones.

"I will. I'll miss you terribly, you know." December let all her affection shine through her eyes, knowing Philly could see it there.

"I'll miss you too, baby." Philly said this quietly, keeping it between them.

December smiled and kissed her sweetly one last time before they met up again.

And as the ache of being apart started, one thought would get them both through with a grin: Philly was going to be a freaked out pain in Rhos's ass until December landed safely.


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