Author's Note: Just a little random one-shot for you guys. It's pretty short and random, so let me know what you think. I really do want constructive criticism, so please, please, PLEASE give me some! Much love xx


I don't think I'll ever get over how much of a theatre-geek Quinn is. Hell, even his favourite make-out spot just has to be somewhere...theatrical. I'm not so into this theatre thing but since being with Quinn, I'm slowly beginning to learn to appreciate it more. However, that does not mean that I'm entirely comfortable with the idea of making out on stage. Not that I'm given much of a chance to protest when Quinn shoves me so hard that I topple backwards, falling flat on my back on the stage floor before Quinn pounces on top of me.

"Quinn, that hurt," I frown, looking up into his grey eyes.

"Aw, sorry baby," he croons, "Wanna let me lick it all better?"

He slides down my body, pushing up my shirt to reveal my stomach. He begins to place light kisses over my skin, leaving goosebumps in his trail.

"Y'know, I'm not really comfortable with this...if someone walks in, we're the first thing they're gonna see...oh... -Uh, I are we gonna cover up? We can't exactly say you're trying to resuscitate me or anything- and if so, my mouth is up here..."

He replies by flickering out his slick, pink tongue and licking my belly-button.

"Quinn..." I protest.

"Elliott..." he echoes my whiny tone, but when he sees my expression he rolls his eyes and sits up, grumbling, "You Chemistry students are all the same- always thinking with your...your...brain!"

I give him a weird look, "And it's strange that I think with my brain because..?"

"Be a guy sometimes- let your nether regions do the thinking once in a while. Like now. I mean, if your stiffy is anything to go by, I'd say that Elliott Junior doesn't have any problems with fucking on the stage."

"...Never do that again. Ever. We definitely have not reached the point in our relationship where you can name my dick. In fact, I don't think our relationship should even have that stage- we can skip it."

"Y'know, if I didn't love you and you didn't make me hot, you would have completely killed the mood by now. C'mon then, just follow me. And don't talk."

Tangling his fingers with mine comfortably, he pulls me to my feet and drags me towards the back of the stage. As we're about to slip into the wings, something catches my eye.

"Hey, how does this work?" I ask, tugging him towards the unusual stage-drop.

"Oh, I came up with this one," he grins proudly as we step behing the huge white sheet of cloth that dangles from the high ceiling.

I look at the array of items arranged into a woodland scene, with artificial trees and shrubbery carefully positioned behind the white screen. There are lights fitted into the floor too, but they're currently off.

"Is this for 'Midsummer Night's Dream'?" I ask, referring to the play in which Quinn is playing Puck. I'm looking forward to seeing him in tights, though I've seen him in far less.

"Yeah. -The set is cool, isn't it? It looks awesome when you turn the lights back here on- then you can see the silhouettes of everything we have behind the sheet. Miss Nigels wanted it to be modern- I came up with this idea and she's so proud of it that I'm surprised she hasn't started taking credit for it yet."

We stand there for a couple of minutes, Quinn standing next to me impatiently as I admire m boyfriend's artistic creation. See, this I can deal with. I'm sure we're adequately hidden behind here and well, it's kinda cool with all these trees (yes, I know they're fake...but that's beside the point).

"Come on, let's go- I can shove you up between some stage-props and suck you senseless."

Ah, Quinn...crude as ever.

"No. Let's stay here."

He looks over at me, grinning broadly. He walks over to me slowly, until he's close enough to twine his arms around my neck, tugging me towards him. His full lips press against mine softly in an open-mouthed kiss, and I move my head a little until his bottom lip is between mine. I suck it slowly, flicking out my tongue to taste the slick wetness of it before closing my teeth on it gently. I bite down softly, just the way he likes it, and I hear him whimper. I love knowing that I'm capable of shoving past his facade of confidence and getting him where he's weak. As far as most people are concerned, I am his weakness. I know there's more to it than that though; I'm not his weakness, merely a catalyst for it. It's the way that I make him feel- that's his real weakness, his one spot of vulnerability. Love- his Achilles heel. And it's all because of me.

-I let out an uncharacteristic squeak when Quinn cups the hardness in my jeans firmly.

"Why, hello there little guy... When was the last time you and I met?"

'About four hours ago, before my first lecture. And yes, it was your fault that I was late...'

I ignore my thoughts and frown at Quinn, "-Little guy?"

Quinn purses his lips together adorably, as though he's thinking. I try and hold back a groan as he tugs my zipper down unceremoniously, shoving his hand into my boxer-briefs and cupping me again. He seesm to be weighing my balls in my hands as he feigns concentration, and I'm beginning to feel like the tomatoes he took forever choosing at the supermarket last night.

"Hmm," he purrs, "Perhaps I was wrong. So, how're you doing big guy?" he grins, a wicked little glint in his eyes.

"-I'll be much better once you stop making me feel like produce," I mutter, and he looks really confused.

"You're so fucking weird..." he frowns before he wraps his hand around the base of my erection, swallowing my moan as he kisses me hungrily.

Now this is what I'm talking about. Quinn gives the best hand-job ever. I swear he knows how to work my cock better than I do, which is quite a feat considering the fact that, well, I'm a guy. And what guy doesn't know how to get himself off? But Quinn? Oh god...he's a miracle worker. I swear, now that he's done it for me, I'm never going to be able to make myself cum if I jack off by myself. Thank god I've got Quinn.

His mouth is sweet and soft against mine. He tastes the way he always does- of apples. I guess the fact that he's always chomping (messily, I might add) on one has a lot to do with it, but I don't care why he tastes the way he does. I just know that now, after a year of kissing apple-flavoured Quinn, I can't look at that fruit without grinning like an idiot. -And by fruit, I mean apples. Not Quinn, though looking at him makes me smile too.

His grip on me becomes firmer and his motions faster, though our kiss remains almost frustratingly slow and calm. I hadn't realised how frustrated or turned on I must have been to start off with, but it seems like I'm at the edge far too quickly. Quinn lets out a mumbled protest when I move away.

"Elliott- back..." he pants.

"-I swear, I'm going to shoot my load in my pants at this rate."

"Well, that's not my problem is it sweetheart? Come back here..."

"Oh, yeah it is. It's your turn to do the laundry tomorrow- and you're shit at getting out cumstains."

"Aw, crap..." he groans, frustration of every form evident in his voice.

It's clear that he really needs to get off too- after all, the tent in his trousers looks like no laughing matter. And he's never been as good at holding out as I am. The fact that he's still fully clothed- hell, he hasn't even unzipped himself yet- is really damn impressive.

"Quinn- c'mere babe."

He looks at me, an unreadable expression on his face as he shakes his head, "No...I'm okay for now."

He does begin to walk towards me though, slipping his hand into his pocket and hiding whatever it is in his closed palm. He asks me to remove my clothes in a low, gritty voice that I just can't refuse, and soon I'm stood naked in front of him. -My breath hitches in my throat when he falls to his knees in front of me and takes just the tip of my cock into his mouth. But suddenly, rather than the wet warmth of his mouth, I feel something wrapping around the base of my shaft and around my balls. I glance down to see him securing the cock-ring he's placed on me.

"Oh you just carry one of those around with you!?"

"Oh yeah..."

His gaze doesn't leave mine as he begins to undress himself, tossing each item of clothing towards a back corner somewhere. I watch as each inch of his beautiful body is revealed to me slowly, until he's as naked as I am. -And then he turns away from me, walking a few steps away before turning back to flash me a dark looks as he sits down on the floor. He's leaning against one of the fake trees that is connected to the floor and he spreads his legs a little, giving me a clear view of his aching erection.


"-I know you've always loved to watch me, Elliott. I always catch you when you try and watch me in the shower; you're really not as subtle as you think you are."

I honestly don't know what to say, and all I can do is gulp when he drops a hand between his legs and circles his fingers around his length. He gives it a slow, practised squeeze before he begins to slide his fist up and down slowly- it's always slowly with Quinn. He always works it out slowly, deliberately- it's almost like an art, for him. Probably why he's so damn good at it. I admit that when it comes to getting myself off, I just want to crank it out quickly.

"Uhhhh...d'you know what I always think about when I'm in the shower that gets me so hard? -The first time we fucked..."

I'm surprised he can talk, though his voice sounds heavy and slightly shaky. The sight of Quinn slowly working his beautiful cock is driving me crazy, and I know that if it weren't for this cock-ring, I'd have blown ages ago.

"Th- that...that first time- we hot..."

Holy crap, he's still talking. He's just unbelievable.

"-Just thinking...'bout it...gets me up in a second..."

His breathing is becoming ragged and his eyes are closed, a high flush on his cheeks.

"Your mouth...y-you have an amazing...mouth...ohh...the way you just swallowed all of me..."

Oh god, I think I'm getting harder. If that's even physically possible.

"And your, so tight...I just- ah, fuck!"

-I think he's actually going to cum. My cock is actually hurting, it's so hard, but I'm intent on catching every last drop of Quinn. I fall before him, the hard wood grazing my knees as I kneel before him, just in time to take his tip into my mouth as he cums, hard. I don't even have time to silence the beautiful cry that escapes from between his lips, and I'm too busy swallowing to worry about who might have heard him. He's not exactly quiet- never has been.

He's barely gone completely limp when he's somehow pulling me to my feet. -I think I might actually cry if I don't cum soon. Has anyone ever died from blue balls? My brain is throbbing and my usually keen hearing seems dimmed by the ringing in my ears. I feel feverish and send a million thanks to whatever higher powers there may be when Quinn settles himself on his knees in front of me.

I can just make out his voice saying, "I love doing this to you when you're standing and unsupported. It's kinda hot, watching you try and keep control."

I close my eyes and anticipate the gloriously familiar feeling of his mouth wrapping itself around my throbbing cock. I wait...and wait... God, this is going to be so good. I feel him undoing the cock-ring and I audibly sigh with relief. This really isn't going to take long at all; I'm almost there. I just need Quinn to help me towards the edge before he pushes me into the abyss of ecstasy.

"And this is our new set- it was designed by a student, actually. Quinn Sanders... Now, if we can just find the switch..."

Just as the delicious, warm slickness of Quinn's mouth slides down my shaft, there's an light behind my eyelids and a woman screams. It takes at least an entire second for my brain to register what has just happened. In any other situation, I'd say this is hilaroius. I can hardly imagine the look on all those people's faves when the switch was flicked and they were confronted by the larger-than-life silhouette of Quinn and I, with my cock down his throat.

Quinn reacts suddenly, yanking off me and clambering to his feet and grabbing at my hand. I scoop up my clothes and I see Quinn in front of me, pulling his clothes back on hastily before disappearing into a shadow. I'm trying to tug on my clothes as I run, pulling my shirt in back-to-front and gingerly trying to zip my erection into my jeans, which were pretty snug to begin with and are now uncomfortably tight. And I seem to have lost my boxer-briefs. I creep carefully to where I think Quinn motioned to me, trying not to let the friction of my jeans against my, errr, problem aggravate it anymore. But god, do I need to cum...

-And then my plea is seemingly answered. Tripping in the darkness, I stumble forward and smack into Quinn's back. My crotch conveniently makes contact with his ass, and the friction of denim on my over-sensitive skin, combined with Quinn's closeness, proves just too much for my poor, frustrated body. All I can do is bite down on Quinn's clothed shoulder to stifle the scream that threatens to leak from my throat, holding on to him tightly as my body is wracked by and uncontrollable orgasm (that is admittedly one of the best I've ever had). Quinn seems to have realised what is happening as he places a hand over mine, that is gripping his waist like my life depends on it. When the final waves of pleasure ebb away, Quinn slowly turns to face me, letting me slump against his body. His arms wrap around my exhausted frame and hold me gently, placing a kiss on my heated face. -I can't help but wince at how uncomfortable I am in my now sticky jeans.

"I guess you're going to have to help me with the laundry tonight then?"

"Shut up; it isn't the time to joke yet. -My favourite pair of jeans just gave me one of the best orgasms I've ever had in my entire life..."

"Oooh, now that's whole new level of customer satisfaction. -May be I should get myself a pair of these," he chuckles, trying to twist around to read the brand label.

"Quinn! You do realise that Miss Nigels and all those...well, whoever they are, just saw you with my cock down your throat, right?"

"Well, they saw someone with someone else's cock down their throat. It was just a silhouette- it's not like there were labels and arrows pointing out that 'This is Quinn Sanders, blow-job extraordinaire and 'This is Elliott Thomas, packing it'. Don't worry about babe."

I sigh and let him kiss me on the cheek as we walk out into the hallway, after having straightened up our clothes. I try and look as non-chalant and innocent as I can, but it's difficult when I'm so uncomfortable.

"I think I need to go home and change- I can't sit in another lecture like this."

Quinn snakes an arm around my waist. He has this look in his eyes that's making me slightly worried...

"Hey Elliot, sweetheart..."

I give him a suspicious glance, "...What?"

"There's a supply closet over there..."

My eyes go wide in disbelief, "-You have got to be kidding me!"

He claps a hand over my mouth and shoves me backwards into the darkness of the closet. I can't believe him! His libido is...well, like that of the horny twenty year old he is. When his apple-flavoured mouth claims mine instinctively, I just have to give in. Screw my next lecture- I'm going home and straight to sleep after this round.