take me to the country on an august afternoon
space of green uneven land
overrun with creeks and trees

while you drive
turn your smile at my windstripped hair
my hand out the window
air streaming through my fingers
feeling us flying

later, there's a barn I know
more than a few winters old
full with soft warm whickers
pawings at straw sifting the air

there's a ladder worn up one wall
we'll lay in the loft above when
angled light slants through wooden slats
watch the swallows and speak softly

after a while
when essence of air really hits our lungs
I'll recognize certainty in your face
the slip of your eyes to my smile

I know we'll end up rolling around
startling dozing dreamers below
a rush of wings from above

we'll have hay in our hair
be tickled and breathless
laughing and in love