All is lost

I knew that it was all to good to be true

Yet to have some happiness for once

I believed it

I believed it all

How could I be so stupid?

Why am I me?

I'm so different from everyone else

They talk about me constantly

Then one day I met him

He was different

Things had changed

Then my soul was reawakened

But then one day it was ripped right back to were it was

And then I once again felt this hole inside me

Lies are told

Feelings are shared

Happiness comes

Then suddenly at one moment

All is lost

Life, love, happiness, friendships

All gone

Lost into the deepest corner of my mind

Now I live on my own

Where life is different

No one is here in this world but me

I love it that way

Yet I hate it

I have returned to this world so many times

I have forgotten what it is like to be hurt

And now I am banded from all other lands

For I have returned to this one to many times

So I'm stuck here

Crying my self to sleep

Wishing I cold leave again

But just when I get close

I'm ripped and torn back in

Where I am alone

My hope is gone

Along with everything else,

My happiness






And most of all, my true self