Don't Fool Yourself into Thinking That This is a Fire Fight

And I think it's time for us to commit suicide off the wings,
Via the forced ingestion of hazardous chemicals.
Watching the lightening illuminate the sky,
As it flashes past the wings it slowly lights the engine, and down we go.

Swimming in a sea of intoxicants, each one a little sharper than the last.
I can't see you now; I can't see for pain, I can't see through cracks in the glass,
But as the mind wanders, and the body cracks, the chemicals filter into the blood,
There's nothing left but madness here, choking on the pain sweeping me away in the flood.

So this is for you, my oldest friend, through dearest heartbreak and kinship,
You've been there twice, and so have I. So I'm here for you once.
The attendant hopes we're sitting tight, as the planes now about to dip,
Oh sweet rejection, we rejoice in you so freely, so here's another dedicated to you.