By Knightmare Elite

"She is so trailer park trash," Ziah muttered as Mindy returned to her seat.

As always the boys stared in awe as Mindy walked down the aisle. To many she was the epitome of unconventional cool; caring less about keeping up with current trends, and more of setting her own.

Today was no different in hot pink fishnet stockings, creeping from beneath her shape accentuating black dress. The bottom circumference was shredded in three inch strips, another of her personal touches.

It also helped raise the dress toward her thighs when she sat. She teased for the envy not the admiration; girls hated Mindy not to be like her but to be her. They wanted her resistance against conformity, while having the power to deny the pedestal such actions created.

Thrift shops were a cost effective haven for intellectual outcasts. Such places were a playground in Mindy's creativity, turning discarded clothing into envious ensembles. Mindy stopped at her desk, waving to the preps.

"That's a nice sweater, blue is really your color," Mindy complimented to Ziah. She liked how the blue contrasted the rich brown of Ziah's skin.

It brought out traces of hazel in her light brown eyes, and hair styled so proper if not for her skin, she could have easily been mistaken for…

"….thank you," Ziah quickly answered.

"No problem oreo," Mindy giggled.

She ran and hand through her hair, waving the layered hot pink curls. They bounced to form as her fingers unraveled a lock. Mindy licked her matching pink encased lips, watching Ziah's face contort in anger.

In the three seconds since Mindy arrived at her seat, she was respected, adored and hated, all by the same groups in various opinionated differences. No one could quite figure this girl out.

She carried herself physically a vivacious goth, but lacked the introverted behavior. Mindy was a straight A student, varsity track star, and rumored floozy by many of her spiteful cohorts. Mindy finally took her seat, cross her legs letting her pink laces dangle to the floor.

She couldn't help notice the somber agitation in Ziah's eyes. No matter how angry Ziah was, she for the most part kept it in check. Only with serious prodding would she slip from her pampered pedestal.

"What's wrong oreo? Aw did I answer before you again?" Mindy jeeringly asked in her prevalent southern accent.

Ziah looked down at her perfectly manicured fingers. They curved, clawing into the desk at that word. More than anything Ziah despised being called an oreo. The veins embossed the cappuccino skin of her hands, breathing increased perceptibly and her fingers hurt.

The index nail bent backward almost snapping, Ziah quickly withdrew checking for damage. The red shine remained flawless under the subconscious habit. Ziah frowned knowing she was letting Mindy get to her.

She slowly turned to her unnaturally casual aggressor. Ziah wanted to jump from her seat and choke Mindy, anything to rid that word from her vocabulary. But Ziah knew why Mindy called her that. It was plainly obvious to anyone in the room.

Ziah was the only African American in the class. Her father was a wealthy real-estate mogul, and her mother was a renowned psychologist. They moved to the south after finally building their dream home.

Having been born into money and the granted lifestyle, Ziah never endured the former hardships of her parents, or many of her 'sisters'. She wasn't used to being the butt of jokes, or ridiculed for how she carried herself.

All Ziah's friends were white even before moving to Mississippi. She easily fit in with the popular clique upon arrival. Her demeanor was friendly and joyous, always seeking the happiness within life. Ziah was rich and liked her life and her friends.

All her parents asked was Ziah take her studies seriously, and aim for a good college. Those goals were on the verge of accomplishment. Already attaining a 4.0 grade average and numerous academic awards, she was the pristine seventeen year old.

That was what irked the self made savant Mindy. She too was popular, a straight A student and under college microscopes, but for completely different reasons. Unlike Ziah, Mindy's family wasn't wealthy in fact they were on food stamps.

She lived in no four floor mansion, Mindy's house was a double wide trailer located in a traditional park. It served Mindy, her mother and her eight year old twin brothers. It was a struggle to make ends meet at times, but ultimately Mindy could smile.

During the weekly visits to her father in the state penitentiary, he always told her to be grateful for all the good things within her life, and that no matter how bad her life seemed, there was always someone worse out there. Mindy loved her family, and did all she could to make them proud.

It was difficult at times, prompting her to get a job at sixteen. It was a kitchen job in a nursing home. While not glamorous it was enough to help out her mother, on the weekends she volunteered at the hospital during the day.

The night hours were hers to party, with her mother's forcing at times. She didn't want her daughter to burnout at 17. Now as Mindy stretched admiring her homemade dress, she smiled thinking of Ziah.

Next to her sat Ziah, a girl who had everything handed to her. She didn't have to work to gain money to pay bills, nor did she need to volunteer, or do community service in hopes of getting a scholarship. Her parents could easily foot the bill for any college she chose.

Upon graduation she was promised a luxury sedan. Such simple comforts she was afforded, all from being born. It didn't seem fair but Mindy didn't mind. As she watched Ziah frothing at the mouth, Mindy innocently batted her eyes at her perturbed 'rival'.

"Look I told you don't call me that!" Ziah warned.

"Why not oreo? Does it really bother you when I call you an oreo? It shouldn't, it's what you are after all," Mindy shrugged.

"God, grow up. That is like so offensive and I should not be subjected to such abuse," Ziah answered.

"You see that's what I'm talking about. You're the only black girl I know that speaks so ditzy. You're such an oreo, look at you all prissy and shit. Now any real black girl would have jumped out of that chair, and whooped my pretty little ass by now.

But you won't do that because you're afraid. Not of me, but what others will think. Mainly your precious white friends; and your parents wouldn't like it if their little oreo doesn't play nice," Mindy smirked.

"Fuck you," Ziah hissed turning away from the verbal lashing.

All eyes turned to Ziah hearing the hushed profanity. She instantly looked down at the desk knowing what was coming.

"Ms. Peterson! I will not tolerate such vulgarities in my classroom. I am sick and tired of this. You and Ms. McBride constantly go back and forth on a daily basis. Something must be done, what do you supposed I do?" Mr. Wentworth, the science teacher asked.

Ziah slowly looked up at the middle aged man, eyes locked on her and slowly moving toward Mindy. She wanted to die, everyone was looking at her, and once again Mindy completely embarrassed her.

"I don't know Mr. Wentworth," Ziah timidly answered.

"Well I'll decide for you. Since you and Ms. McBride love to converse so much, it is only fitting that the two of you will be partners in the next class project. I was going to announce it at the end of class, but now is a better time as any.

I want the class partner up for this assignment. You will each choose a periodic element, and write a full report on its foundation. The next part will require teamwork; you must with the report present a synthetic model of the compound, made by both of you.

You will be graded not only on the quality of the report, but the craftsmanship of the model as well. I expect nothing short of excellence as you are my students.

Everyone choose a partner, except for Ms. Peterson and Ms. McBride as they are working together. Now please choose a partner then an element," Mr. Wentworth announced.

Both girls groaned in at the unexpected turn of events. They turned to each other with a solemn nod of hopelessness.

"Look this won't take more than a week. I'll write the report, and then we'll make the element sample together. Sound fair?" Mindy suggested.

Ziah thought for a moment then shook her head. "No way, I'll write the report then we work on the element. I don't want to feel as if I owe you anything!"

"Whatever, I say diamond, faux diamonds aren't too hard to design," Mindy offered.

"No way! Palladium is a much finer choice. It reflects elegance and is more widely available, and it looks so cute on jewelry. Plus a sample of Palladium could be made in under three hours, if we work together," Ziah offered with a knowing smile.

Mindy brushed the pink bangs from her face, rolling her eyes at such a predictable choice. "Just like an oreo to want white metal. You're such damn poser, but to be honest I don't care.

All I want is go get this over quickly as possible. I don't want people to think I'm turning prep; hanging around you already makes me feel icky."

"You know I'm really sick and tired giving me shit all the time," Ziah snapped back in a surprisingly seething conduct.

"Uh oh the oreo's mad. Are you going to get your butler to beat me up?" Mindy pouted.

Soon heads turned to the two bickering partners once more.

"I wish either of them could be my partner, this assignment would be a piece of cake," a boy sighed.

"Look that them fighting AGAIN! Such wasted potential," Mr. Wentworth groaned.

Everyone stared in envy at Ziah and Mindy. Though they were polar opposites, and constantly at each other's throats. They were two of the brightest students in the school; it was a dream to ever do an assignment with either.

Many would go out of their way to get tutored, or even study with them due to their intensity in academics. However that was there the line was drawn. Mindy was still a wild child at heart, she partied hard on the weekends, and liked to hang out with friends, as long as she had no previous family or academic obligations.

Ziah rather stay home and study, and watch classical concerts in the family theater room. She and friends did go out to five star restaurants. They also frequented beauty salons and spas as treats.

Ziah did wonder what it felt like to be 'free'. Even as they argued, she admired the deep fluorescent lipstick on Mindy's lips, the pastel eye shadow and eye liner.

It created such a morbid guise for her completely upbeat manner. She had her pick of nearly any boy in school. None of them could ever keep her for more than a few days, led around like lapdogs till she grew tired.

It was rumored Mindy had a boyfriend at a different school. The question was never brought up, many feared truth to the allegation, others felt she was simply prudish.

"What are you staring at oreo, do I have a booger or something?" Mindy asked rubbing her nose.

Ziah didn't even realize she was staring. She felt a wave of anger from that word once again. "Bitch I told you stop calling me an oreo."

"Damn, for a second I heard a little sista in you," Mindy laughed.

Ziah flashed a manicured middle finger, once again holding her tongue.

"Hey Ziah I'm having a sleepover this weekend, we're going to do each other's nails, and make low fat ice cream. Do you think you can make it?" Amy asked, brushing a few stands of blonde hair from her face.

"Sure thing girl I'd never miss out on your sleepovers, they rule," Ziah nodded.

"Cool, my dad will pick you up at around nine then okay," Amy added.

"Sounds great, I'll tell you about my newest crush," Ziah half whispered.

"Is he cute?" Amy asked.

"Totally," Ziah laughed.

"Well, have fun with the assignment. It's a shame you got stuck with her. Anyway the bell's about to ring so I'll see you at nine, kisses," Amy said.

Ziah blew an air kiss as did Amy, a typical post conversational gesture.

"Oh don't remind me. I have to spend all my free time with this goth wannabe. Well it could be worse, I mean I could live in a ratty trailer like hers," Ziah laughed.

Amy turned away to hide her laugher. She took a tissue from her ruby studded purse, wiped her eyes and slinked back to her seat

Mindy's eyes went wide as she happened to hear that last comment. "That's really low oreo. You didn't have to go there."

"You stop calling me oreo, and then I won't have to talk about your trailer trash life. Everyone knows you sleep around. Why else would you party every weekend, and go to those dumb rock shows?" Ziah asked.

"First of all I listen to punk, well a little bit of emo too. We're seventeen, and the top students in the school, don't we deserve some breathing time? Well I guess you wouldn't understand, having your nose so far up society's ass and all," Mindy shrugged.

Ziah breathed in and slowly released, thinking of a pleasant ocean wave. As she created a stable composure, the jezebel injected herself once more. That sultry voice impeded Ziah's thoughts, ripping at her diminishing resistance.

"Come on oreo, no need to get your hundred dollar panties in a bunch. You know I'm playing with you. It's funny how you get so pissed about who you are," Mindy whispered.

Ziah huffed and looked toward the window. Amy tapped her on the shoulder, "Don't let her get to you babe, it's not worth it." Ziah nodded she smiled and pushed away the anger.

Her mother warned such remedies were unhealthy. Being she was a psychologist, Ziah received many lectures on the constant bullying from Mindy. She'd rather avert the situation completely, it was impossible with her near inability to lie correctly.

The bell rang and they were free for the weekend. Everyone rose from their seats continuing nonsensical chatter. Many were excited for the weekend ahead, while most were annoyed by the looming project.

A few including Mindy and Ziah were giddy at the project. They only saw scholastic enhancement, academic praise of teachers, pride in their parents' eyes, and the abundance of knowledge to be reaped once more.

Amy leisurely walked to Ziah's desk sitting on the edge. "Want a ride home?"

Ziah looked to her partner Mindy and groaned, "Actually we're starting the project tonight. The sooner it's over the faster I can get back to my normal life."

"The oreo has a point; you can drop her off at my place. Don't forget you have to pick her up later, you do have an airhead collaboration, I mean sleepover tonight," Mindy reminded.

Amy thought for a second and scowled in disgust, "Ew I can't take my car to a trailer park. Some hick might pick at it or something."

"You don't have to worry, trailer park trash doesn't pick with white trash. Speaking of which, wasn't it you who got caught giving some boy head behind the bleachers last week?" Mindy grinned.

Amy squeezed her purse strap sharply turning to Ziah, "Like I said, I'm sorry you're stuck with the trailer trash. Be careful in her house, you don't want her inbred brothers giving you cooties." She hopped off the desk and left for her locker.

Ziah sighed and followed suit, all she could think about was the project. She would have to spend most of her free time with Mindy. "I'll be right out; I just have put my books away." Ziah went to her locker lightening her bag.

"It's funny how Amy doesn't mind that I call you oreo…maybe she agrees," whispered the sultry southern voice.

Ziah looked to her left then right with a racing heart. She quickly turned around seeing Mindy's gleaming face. It smiled in its articulately defiant makeup. Ziah held her breath as Mindy took a step closer and grinned.

"Amy's not like that she's my friend!" Ziah quickly defended.

"And you're her friend of convenience. It is the in thing to associate outside your race now. It seems like Amy and her pals are taking kindly to that fad. Don't worry though, I still like you either way, you're funny," Mindy smiled.

A tall boy with dyed green hair walked beside Mindy. The plain yellow shirt and tight jeans stated his affiliation. Ziah couldn't understand what would drive a person to such attire.

Standing next to Mindy, they appeared a 'normal' couple, only they weren't dating. A second shadow was what he was, though she never seemed to mind. Mindy was part of his clique, and the uniqueness was only matched by outspokenness.

He threw an arm around her shoulder, grinning at Ziah through his lightly shaded eyes. "Hey Ziah, you look beautifully pissed as usual."

"Hi Travis," Ziah greeted trying to avoid staring at his eyeliner.

"So Mindy are we still on for tonight? Sticky Finger Five is playing at the temple!" Travis reminded.

"Dammit! I can't, I'm stuck with oreo here for a project. We've decided to start as soon as possible, minimizing any and all contact outside of school.

Travis groaned seeing he'd have to find someone else to go with. He took a slight step back noting the rage in Ziah's eyes.

"You okay Ziah?" Travis asked watching her balling fist.

"Doesn't the fact that she calls me an oreo bother you in any way?" Ziah forcibly asked.

"I've kinda gotten used to it. It's not like she's calling you the 'N' word, then I'd say she's being an asshole to you. Don't worry about it," Travis said.

"Typical, of course you'd stick up for her. I guess freaks stick together," Ziah snapped. She slammed her locker as Mindy stepped aside.

Ziah pushed past Mindy running toward the parking lot. She hopped into Amy's car, and the unfortunate destination was Mindy's trailer.

"What a stuck up bitch," Travis hissed.

Outside Ziah tossed her bag in the back relaxing in the seat. She reclined her seat watching the roof recline. The deep blue sky, riddled with cotton candy clouds and cellophane birds seemed unnecessarily tranquil.

Ziah closed her eyes in the needed peace, listening to pop music flowing through the speakers, and the wind passing through her hair.

"Hey Ziah?" Amy softly called, dialing down the radio.

Ziah's eyes opened squinting towards the beaming sun. Her beautiful clouds bowed to their relentless master. Ziah rolled her shoulders relieving some of the tension, what she needed was a long hot bath. Her head leaned to the left to Amy's attention.

"Yeah?" Ziah finally answered.

"About before…I'm sorry," Amy quietly apologized.

Ziah thought for a second and came to no pliable conclusion, "Sorry for what?"

"For not saying anything when Mindy was getting on you. I got a little scared, and Becky was looking right at me. You know how fast rumors spread, I don't want people to think…Mindy and I are talking," Amy said as the car came to the stop.

They stopped at the gate to Mindy's trailer park. It wasn't as decrepit as stereotypically portrayed. A few of the trailers were surrounded by little gardens. Mindy's was the last on the lot, as the doublewides commanded their own space.

Ziah reached over and held Amy's hand. She turned to her friend in a forgiving smile. "Don't worry about it, Mindy's right you know. If I keep letting this get to me, then I'm just a weak person. It's who I am, even though I can't stand that term. It's not my fault to be born rich… she just makes it so prevalent all the time."

"I know but you'll always have your friends. You're one of my best friends Ziah. I'll admit you're the only black friend I have, but you're a true friend.

I'm proud to say we're friends. Anyway my dad will pick you up at nine. Hey do you need a ride home from here later?" Amy suddenly asked.

"No I'll get a ride; my mom gets off at seven. We should be done for the night by then. Thanks for asking though," Ziah answered.

"Okay then, till later, kisses," Amy smiled as Ziah opened the door.

"Kisses," Ziah closed it watching Amy speed off onto the highway.

She looked at the entrance and stepped inside, "I'm her only black friend, yeah that's a really nice thing to say to the black girl," Ziah shook her head knowing Amy meant well, she was after all a product of southern hospitality and tried her best to understand.

The walk did give Ziah time to cool down. When she finally reached Mindy's trailer, Ziah let out a breath of relief. It was definitely going to be a long night. She rang the doorbell and Mindy promptly answered.

Unlike her normal 'look at me' school attire. Mindy dressed down into a simple tank top and cutoffs.

The outfit aptly showed off her goods, toned by laboring hours of track practice, community service, long shifts at the hospital kitchen, and thrashing at all the shows. The whorish shorts frayed at her upper thighs, barely having enough room to maintain the crotch.

She stood barefoot with her rarely seem golden anklet. The toenails were moderately painted black, unlike the randomly changing hair and makeup, Mindy's toe nails were almost always painted black.

"So you made it oreo, almost thought you weren't coming," Mindy smiled as she opened the door.

Ziah slowly walked up the steps looking at Mindy's legs. Her olive complexion enhanced the firm thigh muscles. Thin as she was, Mindy was fit for her size, and it was another credential she carried proudly.

"I guess this means we'll be seeing a lot more of each other," Ziah sighed.

Mindy took a step closer, "Yeah it sucks doesn't it oreo," Mindy sighed with heavier emphasis on the togetherness.

She led Ziah inside and locked the door. Mindy said nothing as Ziah's eyes reflecting her common anger. All from one word her joyous persona would shatter. A term Mindy used so loosely and yet Ziah stepped closer.

"I guess we'll just have to learn to get along," Ziah whispered taking a step closer.

Mindy wrapped her arms around Ziah kissing her softly, "I wanted to kiss you so badly in class today."

Ziah smiled tasting Mindy's sweet lips once more, "I'm still shocked he actually fell for it!"

"When the two of us put our heads together, nothing's impossible. …well except for our parents," Mindy said wondering if it as better to leave off the last part.

Ziah hugged Mindy feeling her rapidly beating heart, "I missed you." She lightly kissed Mindy's blushing cheek. "We were almost caught in the bathroom after lunch." She pressed her lips into Mindy's again treasuring the feel.

"It's not fair we have to sneak around like this. I wish we didn't live in such a goddamn hick town. I want to kiss my girlfriend in public. Ziah I love you, and I want be with you, in front of everyone," Mindy said as she held Ziah close.

"How do you think I feel? I hate putting up this front all the time. If we don't stay fighting, then people might start to suspect something. Look how close we came to being found out today.

I'm worried Amy might be suspecting something. She was acting really weird a while ago. From the way she was talking, there might be a rumor about you being a lesbian," Ziah whispered.

"Oh that's just fucking great. I've made it three years without any question, and now this shit starts. We're too close to let anything get in the way," Mindy groaned.

Ziah kicked off her sneakers and climbed atop Mindy's bed. She sank into the fluffy twin; it almost felt as soft as her queen. As Ziah sat on the bed, Mindy too sat down, only her mood seemed sour.

We've been dating for a year and a half, no one suspects a thing," Ziah quietly reminded.

"I know, but it's getting harder the closer we get to graduation. In only six months we graduate, and it's putting such a strain on our relationship," Mindy worried as she lied back on the bed.

Ziah looked down on Mindy's bluish gray eyes and smiled. The situation was heavily depressing, but for moments as these, it felt worth every harrowing experience, "Its hard baby. We barely have time to meet up between classes anymore."

Mindy reached up pulling Ziah's face towards hers. The kissed freely within the confines of her room, nothing else mattered as only their love existed. Mindy's arms collapsed on the bed, fully surrendering to Ziah's amatory kisses.

"I can't wait till we start college in the fall. No more of this stupid sneaking around. I hate having to keep putting down my girlfriend, and for what? Just so we can be model students, and the perfect rivals in everyone's eyes?" Mindy frowned as Ziah pouted and kissed her bottom lip.

"Oh my god, college is going to be so awesome. Can you imagine our own dorm room for four years! We've been together for over a year, and I cherish every moment we spend together. I get antsy thinking about living together in less than a year," Ziah proudly exclaimed.

Mindy moved up the middle of the bed, lying on her side facing Ziah. They touched each other's face, tracing the delicate contours, moistening lips, seeing the intensifying lust filled eyes, crying to be freed from their restrictive barrier.

"I get butterflies thinking about holding your hand in public. It makes me smile imagining taking you on a date, in our own town, instead of having to go two towns over.

Even with all the hassle, you gave me the most beautiful birthday present, and I'm not talking about this anklet, which I do love. I'm talking about you giving me your most sacred gift.

Ziah that was more than I could have ever asked for, I cried the entire time as much as I enjoyed it," Mindy whispered still playing with Ziah's face.

"We lost our virginity that night; beyond the blood it really was beautiful. And your crying only made it that much more meaningful. Like I told you that night Mindy, I love you and we'll be together forever," Ziah pledged giving Mindy a soft kiss on the cheek. She ran her fingers through the curly pink tresses; they intertwined her fingers in the thickness.

"Mindy be honest with me, do you really think I act white?" Ziah asked giving Mindy her puppy dog expression.

Mindy smiled fighting to hold her laughter. She adored the absolute cuteness of that face; it won many arguments, and created even more unnecessary guilt trips.

"You're so cute I swear. But to answer your question, yeah you do. It's not a big deal, well that sounds hypocritical coming from me. But it's either constantly expose you for selling out, or we're exposed.

I wish there could be a simpler way. I feel bad calling you oreo, even if you insist I do. Then again you do constantly call me trailer trash, skank, goth wannabe, and welfare monger…that hurts sometimes," Mindy admitted.

She sniffled looking down toward the bed. Even with her nonchalant attitude, the insults did hurt especially coming from her girlfriend. The actions they took to be together could so easily tear them apart.

Ziah lightly stroked Mindy's face, understanding the depths of her sadness. Each personally subjected the other to personal prejudices, using the very foundations of their strengths against the other, all to ensure a lasting secretive partnership.

"I'm sorry Mindy; I won't call you trailer trash or poor anymore. God this is all so stupid, but we have to deal for now," Ziah explained.

"I know but you don't have to stop. It's me who should stop calling you oreo. Even though you're okay with it, and pretend to get pissed in school. I know deep down it does hurt you. It's still a negative and borderline racist term.

People are actually starting to think I'm a racist. My girlfriend is black for crying out loud! I'm proud to be dating a beautiful black girl, and I can't tell anyone. Do you…well of course you know what it feels like. It's eating me up inside Ziah," Mindy groaned lying within Ziah's arms.

"I know you're not a racist baby. If anything my friends are the ones I should be worried about. They're as real as double D tits on a supermodel. Hey look on the bright side, our plan worked though," Ziah grinned.

"Oh damn I almost forgot, even though we're currently reaping the benefits. He bought it hook line and sinker, he's so easy to manipulate," Mindy agreed.

"Yeah and now we have a legitimate reason to spend time together. We can milk this all the way to the two week mark. You can even come over to my house. Oh my god we can make out for hours in my room! …and work on the project too," Ziah added.

"To hell with making out, as they say in the ghetto, I'm getting me some ass," Mindy said in her best thug impression.

"I so love your accent, almost makes me wish I had one. So, what time are your mom and brothers getting home?" Ziah asked.

"You do have an accent… They're due in an hour and a half, they had dentist appointments today. So it might even be two hours. It's a good thing I worked those double shifts during the break. I saved up enough to help pay for their check ups," Mindy proudly announced.

"That's so sweet of you. My Mindy's a saint, and we do have nearly two hours to start the project or…," Ziah hinted.

"Don't want to be a party pooper, but let's actually start the project. Think about it, if we knock it out in two days, we have twelve days to spend time together, including going over each other's houses," Mindy suggested.

Ziah weighed the pros and cons. As she felt Mindy so snuggly in her arms, Ziah nodded in agreement. Her hands massaged Mindy's leg as the plan came together.

"Alright let's blow through this. We can continue the rest at my house tomorrow, and yes we're so doing it tomorrow night," Ziah nodded.

"It's hard to believe those words are coming out of your mouth. It's so easy to tell you're from Beverly Hills by how you talk. I'm so excited; I get to spend the weekend with my girlfriend. I'm so happy," Mindy cheered.

"Can't celebrate yet, we have to at least get the report done tonight. So we're doing Palladium right?" Ziah asked.

"Huh you were serious about that? You're such an oreo," Mindy laughed.

"Oh shut up, trailer queen," Ziah shot back.

"Oh shut up!" Mindy repeated exaggerating Ziah's California accent, and twirling a lock of hair for effect.

Ziah crossed her arms in offense, "Oh my god, I do not sound like that!"

"I swear if I never saw you before and only heard your voice, I'd think you were a blonde," Mindy admitted.

"Yeah this coming from a girl with pink hair, who dresses like she goes to color-blind funerals for a living," Ziah shot back sticking out her tongue.

"We're so fucked up, but you do sound like a bimbo, a cute bimbo," Mindy laughed.

"You're lucky I love you," Ziah said beneath the laugher.

"I like so love you too baby," Mindy imitated Ziah as they began the report.

The End