The grey skies seemed to loom over Manhattan the night Elena Dementieva came back from her business trip. The sound of rain as it plummeted down from the heavens was deafening, only to be drowned by the lighting's roar. This racket did not disturb Elena as she comfortably rested in her plush first class seat and sipped her martini. But in reality, not much disturbed Elena, and that was precisely why she'd reached the pinnacle of professional success: due to her drive and narrow focus. This narrow focus had mostly been a favorable trait, as it had let her zero-in on potential enemies at work. But at home, it had impeded the vision of her familial macrocosm. Elena had always felt she had nothing to worry about at home, because her husband was loving, supportive, and a vast aid in household chores, and her kids were well behaved and fond of her, even though she was constantly absent in their existences.

This absence had been Elena's motivation to return one week ahead of schedule from her business trip to Tokio. She wanted to surprise her husband with a romantic getaway to their Elizabethan ch√Ęteau in the Hamptons. After her plane arrived at JFK airport, Elena went through customs, gathered her endless heaps of luggage and headed towards her driver, who waited in her black Mercedes stretch limousine. The constant rain and thunder gave Elena's ride home an eerie feel. But she decided to dismiss the fact as a simple weather phenomenon and started thinking about her devoted husband, who she deeply adored, and who would be delighted by her unexpected return.

When her car finally came to a stop at her Park Avenue mansion, she stealthily exited the vehicle and opened her house's front door, careful not to make any sound that would alarm her husband, who was probably peacefully asleep. She surreptitiously went to her closet and put on the white silk negligee she had bought for this occasion.

After putting on her negligee and retouching her makeup, Elena was ready to surprise and charm her spouse. She stood in front of her bedroom door for a minute, savoring the moments before opening it, as if the anticipation on its own gave her pleasure. When she finally flung the door open, she was welcomed by a flying plate of mashed potatoes that landed directly on her face. It had been her youngest child that did this, because he was reluctant to eat anything that was given to him. To her surprise, her husband was nowhere to be found in the room. He had stayed asleep in the living room while the children ran amok in her alcove.

Elena stood flabbergasted as she watched the odd scene which was taking place in her room: her two older sons were trying to feed the youngest, who was splattering his aliments not only all over his face, but into every possible direction. Her amazement quickly turned into anger as she saw that her Egyptian-cotton bed sheets were ruined, her silk and suede curtains were stained and her antique Persian carpet was soaked. It took reality a while to dawn on Elena, but when it did, she frantically started running after her children. Even though Elena was wearing heals, she managed to sprint quickly behind her kids, who bolted at the second they saw their mom's infuriated face. This frenetic chase lasted longer than what Elena had expected, and caused the biggest mess her impeccable home had ever seen. But when her eldest son broke the baccarat vase her husband gave her for their first anniversary, Elena's fury skyrocketed. What had before looked like a woman sprinting, now seemed to be a locomotive off its track.

Trying to escape the wrath of their mother, the kids went out the front door into the pouring rain, where they thought their mother would not dare run though in a negligee. But to their surprise, she disregarded the rain and further accelerated her pace. The moment when she finally caught up to them, they started weeping and begging for forgiveness. ''We swear this won't repeat itself mommy, we swear!'' they incessantly cried. Elena was decided to punish them at first, but because this had been their first offence, Elena pardoned them and told them to go back inside. Her kids immediately dashed away, feeling lucky they hadn't received a punishment fit for their crime. But Elena had neither the strength nor the will to punish them. After a few seconds of standing in the rain, Elena headed back to her house, disappointed that the romantic fantasy she had envisioned for the moment she surprised her husband had been shattered. As if looking at God for an answer to her misery, Elena glanced at the sky. In that instant, lighting struck her on her eyes, in what many still describe as ''a message from the Lord himself ''. But what happened after that was not precisely heavenly.

When the thunderbolt faded away, Elena's eyes emerged blood red and luminescent, as if the lighting had fused with them. Seconds after, her nails grew abnormally long and sharp. Elena was incredulous and terrified due to the changes occurring to her body. But what happened occurred after would greatly surpass the fear she felt due to her physical metamorphosis. Elena started viewing what she thought were spectres. She saw their distraught faces as they screamed. She viewed them desperately pleading for her help as they pulled at each other's limbs. Elena's bewilderment as she stood before these images made the rest of her changes go unnoticed. As she stood, dumbfounded, she didn't realize she had developed venomous fangs and that her brain had morphed into that of a snake, with razor-sharp focus and lethal determination. But this was the last time something would slip by Elena. With her newly morphed mind, she would absorb her surroundings, melting into them. Currently, some people say this thunderbolt did not alter Elena, but only accentuated her biggest flaws, which she also considered to be her biggest virtues.

From his bedroom window, Elena's eldest son saw her transformation and was petrified by the sight of it. Elena sensed her son's eyes, and looked towards the window. When their eyes locked, her son felt a chill go up his spine. At that moment, he was certain of what his tragic destiny would be. He quickly went to warn his brothers, and then the three of them hid in the laundry shoot. '' Shhh! Don't make any noise!'' whispered the eldest son, in a futile intent at quieting his siblings. Meanwhile, Elena crept out of the rain and into her house. Her intentions were clear, but they were no longer romantic.

Right when she opened the front door to her residence, she knew her objective was to find her sons, and she knew exactly where to look. She walked towards the laundry-shoot in a manner that seemed more as if she were slithering through the floor. She gently approached her offspring without making any sound. When she opened the door that lead to their hiding crevice, she felt a craving for blood she had never experienced before. Without even thinking, she leapt on top of them. Elena's children barely fought back as she slit their throats with her razor-sharp nails, suctioned every gram of blood in their bodies and poisoned them with her venomous fangs. This act of cannibalism had not satiated Elena's hunger, so she ripped their eyes out of their sockets and greedily devoured them. To this day, this is Elena's signature way of killing mischievous youngsters.

The blood had proved inefficient at quenching Elena's thirst as it only increased her craving to kill. So after slaughtering her kids, Elena headed towards her husband who was still peacefully resting on the living room couch, unaware of the colossal ruckus that had taken place in his house. Elena's bloodthirsty nature was not the only motivation she had to kill her husband; a sense of revenge also moved her. Elena believed that her spouse had willingly let her kids run amok, tainting in her memory what she remembered as an immaculate home.

When Elena finally arrived in the living room and saw her husband's silhouette, she knew what her duty was: to effectuate the kill. She approached his body as it lied in the couch, and kissed him on the forehead. Then she descended towards his neck while gently caressing his face with her tongue. Just as her husband was waking up, content due to his wife's gentle kiss, Elena proceeded to puncture his jugular and to suck all his blood. No sense of remorse filled Elena as she purged her husband's veins of their crimson liquid. On the contrary, she felt accomplished and believed her mortal feat had given a sense of justice back to the world. That moment served her as an epiphany that would mold her life from that point on: she would live in the shadows trying to hear the call of desperate women, who had seemingly perfect families that were actually rotten at their core, like the one she had had. Elena would roam the world eliminating all those who wronged her ideals.

But before leaving her house on this journey, Elena went to her bedroom to pick up an object from her jewelry coffin: a family heirloom her grandmother had given her when she was a child. This jewel had been passed from generation to generation, and it symbolized the power of the females in the Dementieva family. This heirloom, a simple gold chain with a crystal ball, was a symbol of the success of all the women in her family, and the struggles they had had to overcome. She would use this crystal ball to store a drop of blood from every victim. Elena would carry it as an offering to all the women in her family and in the world, who suffered, just like her, from a deceiving husband and conniving kids.

Maybe because of the life she chose, or maybe just as part of her initial metamorphosis, Elena developed an acute sense of hearing which let her perceive misbehaving youngsters from miles away. Every time she heard one of them whine or protest, she slithered over to their homes, executed them and left her signature mark: the gauged eyes.

As Elena's hearing became more and more keen, she heard not only one, but hundreds and thousands of kids whine at the same time. Having to hear children's screams at every moment infuriated Elena, and she could no longer focus her anger solely on kids. She went on a rampage, and started killing any being, be it human or animal, that crossed her path, keeping one drop of their blood in her necklace. The FBI and the NYPD searched for her 24/7, but she was never captured. The only object that was ever found of Elena was her crystal ball that's currently exhibited in the New York Police Museum.

Ever since Elena was struck by lighting, more than half a million people have been killed. Now a days Elena runs free through the streets, killing everyone that's unfortunate enough to see her. Even though she currently slays anyone or anything she sees, she still takes a liking to misbehaved and whinny youngsters. This is not a fable or a made up horror story trying to scare kids into behaving. This story just presents the facts as they are: plane and simple. With my account of Elena's life, I seek to warn all New Yorkers and citizens of the world of this wretched woman and her bloodthirsty ways. But I specifically seek to advise children, since more than half her killings are in this age group. So beware, because if you pout, cry or shout, the least of your problems is that Santa won't come to visit you.