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Night of Passion

KC DarkFire

A girl, no older than sixteen, walks down the dark and busy street. Many call her a runaway, but how can you run from your life when all you remember is a life on the streets of the large city in which she stays. Others call her a whore; they try to force her to do what she will not. The pigs of this city dislikes her for she is a woman-child that steals for a living, she smokes and drinks for hours at times.

A long onyx duster she stole from a very large and mean biker earlier this night covers her body. Underneath that are simple jeans and a tank top, both black, her chains dangling around her waist, studded belt and wristbands adorn her. Black steal-toes, worn from the years she has had them, a grim reminder of her past hidden beneath them all. Her neck is dirty from the necklaces she wares, one chain with her ring, the other giving to her by her sister, the only thing that tells you of her faith hangs from it. Her short black hair makes her look like a man, with a long braid running down a side. The strangest thing about this girl is her eyes, beautiful silver eyes like those of a cat that holds the pain that she has been given in her years of life.

The girl walks this street for one reason tonight, her need to find herself a place to stay for the night. The wind picks up as she turns the corner, pulling the coat closer to her body she hurries along the sidewalk, ignoring the looks and calls from the males around her. The girl never saw the stranger following her.

She walks on as rain falls hard on to the earth; she hurries herself into the nearby bookstore, her body drenched thanks to the weather. The girl walked to the café part of the store, "Coffee…black…hell of a lot of sugar ….please?" she asks, her voice in a low whisper.

The man behind the counter barley hears her request, "On the house buttercup….so is the food." She goes to protest, but the man hold his hand up, "your too thin darlin', until your family finds you the guys here will take care of you." She gives the man a faint "thank you" as she starts to walk to her seat, second floor to the right of the New Age section. 'I'm thankful that they let me stay here', the girl thinks, thankful for the warmth of the building. 'I just hope that biker isn't too mad at me for taking his coat and wallet.'

Minutes later, an employee walks up carrying a tray full of the most delicious looking, hot food that the girl had seen in days. She says her thanks and starts to eat slowly. The man watches her from his seat, just a few feet away from where she sits. The man was tall, nearly seven feet in height, and had been following the girl since she took the coat. If she looked up, the girl would be very fearful and worried for her safety; the man that is following her is the biker whom she stole the coat from.

The biker watches the girl with shaded dark green eyes, his long black hair pulled back at the base of his head. He saw the girl take his coat from the back of his cycle. He had no problem finding her down the street, his coat on her body. His mind starts to plan what he will do to the young thief in his coat.

The girl's sudden coughing fit brought them both- man and girl- out of there secluded thoughts. The girl is doubled over and shaking, one of the female employees walk to her, checking to see is alright, "thank you for your concern but I have to go before the rain…" the girl trails to the door and with slight hesitation leaves the store. The biker follows suite, making sure the girl could not see him in the shadows of the night.

'Well home sweet, haunted looking, old, burned out building.' The girl thought while walking into her 'bedroom' for the night. She took the coat off and tossed it on to the dirty, bed-like, desk she chose to sleep on tonight. Tired, the girl sat down on a little dusty chair by the desk. The look of tiredness drops from her face, in its place is a look of fear and anger combined, for just behind her she heard the man walk into the room, his boots thudding with each step closer to her.

The thumping stopped right behind her; she felt the man's hot steamy breath on her ear, his massive hand rested on her freezing neck. She shivers as an unknown feeling courses through her body.

"I believe you have something of mine," the man's deep southern voice whispers in the girl's ear. She stiffens as the man tightened his grip on her neck, moving his other down her cold body. "But there may be a way I'll let you keep it." The girl's mind races, she knows all too well what this behemoth of a man wanted, but she cannot understand why he would want that from her.

The girl had never seen herself as good looking and especially not appealing to anyone. Sure, she has a great body- thin and pale- but to the teen girl she was anything but beautiful. The pain that shot through her neck kept her from thinking any more on the subject.

"Ta-take your coat and go, I-I didn't take anything out of it—I swear I didn't." The girl says in a quick, fearful voice. She does not want to give this man what he wants; only once, in her sixteen years alive, had she ever let a member of the opposite sex have that.

The black haired maiden heard the large man chuckle behind her, "it's not like you have a choice in the matter." The girl had never felt the mixture of things that is flowing through her body now, fear of this man, excitement for the rush going through her, anger, hate, love, all of these feelings because of this seemingly mortal man. She cannot move, he made sure of that; she wanted him to leave her alone, but at the same time, she wants more. The girl is in conflict with herself.

The man is so close to the girl, the back of the chair is the only thing keeping their bodies from touching. The man stands, seemingly to walk away, the girl knows better; he steps to the side of her. His hand leaves her neck and travels down to her slim waist to meet his other. His grip tightens when the girl starts to move, but delicately, as if he did not want to hurt her. He pulls her body out of the chair, pulling her to him- her back against his chest.

The girl cannot stand being this way; his scent is making her wild, she feels like a caged animal waiting, wanting to be free. Her body is stiff, rigged in fear. The man seams not to be more than mortal. His body heat is non-excitant to her; he is cold, more so than her, but the thoughts of what he could be never formed in her mind. She cannot think about anything but the closeness of his body, his hands now touching her stomach. She feels only him, not the cold rain, not the mix of feelings she had just minutes ago; all she feels is the large scary man behind her.

The man seemed to be waiting for something from her. He wanted her to take him willingly, but she seemed to be in a limbo: to want him or not to want him. He wants her now, he knows her desire for him; they need and want the same as the other. He moves his lips down her neck, kissing it; he feels her shiver beneath them. He stops at the spot where her neck meets her shoulder, he licks it, bites it, his eyes watching her every move. The girl cannot suppress the moans that are escaping from her lips, her head moves to the side giving him full access to her; her minds wants her to stop him, but her body wants him to continue.

The young woman can feel a power coming from this man in waves; he takes her thoughts from her mind, her blood from her body. She cannot understand why one such as he can do these things to her. The young female feels the man's hands on her breasts, rubbing them beneath her clothes, she arches herself into his skillful hands, her arms move up to encircle his neck and pulls herself closer to his body. She could feel his hardened manhood pressing into her ass. As his lips captures hers in a deep, rough kiss his hands start to remove her top; her tank and bra come off with ease.

The man can smell her arousal; she is giving her body to him completely. He turns her to face him, pushing her body to the desk. He takes one of the girl's pale, white breasts into his mouth, sucking, nipping, and biting the nipple until it became hard; then, taking the other into his mouth, he does the same. The girl has her hands in his onyx hair, working their way to his unwanted shirt. The man kisses down her body, each kiss taking him closer to her core that, as if by his will, is uncovered.

The girl feels his hands roam her body, making her shiver with excitement. She has long since forgotten her fear of him, her distrust, and the world around them is non-excitant in her mind. All she knows is his lust; all she wants is his body. She gasps as he darts his tongue into her hot, wet core, moving in her; sending her soaring to new heights. Her mind tries to tell her something, flashes, other smell. The man pulls her closer to him, tasting her sweet juice, her thoughts scatter. She hears herself begging him for more, she feels herself starts to shake, her body arches and she feels something no man had ever given her.

The man drinks her dry, feeling her shaking subside as he kisses her forehead, telling her in movement that they have only just started his game. She feels his shaft pressing against her inner thigh; he spreads her legs further apart. The man sees a flash of fright in the girl's eyes before her lust for him returns. He slowly slides his length into her core, his intentions for her nearly realized. He hoped she does not realize the truth of their 'situation' too soon, or his goals would be thwarted.

The girl feels him sliding in and out of her, faster and harder than the last; she pleads with him to pump into her harder, to go faster. They start to move as one, matching each other's pace. They each start to shake, she hits her high first with a few final strokes he, too, does- releasing his seed into her.

The girl felt him pull out of her, trying to regain her breath she looks at him, looking into his eyes she saw something only one other time had she seen. Her mind returned to her- her thoughts and memories alike. She knew exactly where she was, she heard the buzz of an alarm; she smelled the scent of home, both telling her she was dreaming; more precisely, she was in the dream realm.

"You're not real- you can't be. I'm—I'm dreaming, asleep." The girl yells at the man, the scene around them changes finishing with them clothed. The man, she still does not recognize, is dressed in all leather- from chest to boot. She herself is in black jeans and a red tank top, her feet bare, her lip ring hanging from her lip and the fresh tattoo stinging as she turns her wrist.

The man laughs, "You may be dreaming child, but I am real." The man advance at her, she feels her body being shaken and a voice calling her; come on little sister wake up you're worrying me…; over and over again. She feels herself slipping back into the waking realm. The man sates one final thing to her, "soon you'll know who I am little one, soon." With that she finds herself awake staring into the eyes of her elder brother.

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