Wake Up Call

KC DarkFire

A nightmare, it had to be just a nightmare. She keep repeating to herself like a mantra; her brother returns, a glass of water in his shaking hands. "How are you feeling?"

That's all you have to say? Is their nothing more you can think of? "Okay." Yeah right,she is anything but okay. His face shows the comforting lie did not work, nor was it as all comforting. Sighing, he situates himself beside her; both stare out of the window onto the property their family has owned for longer than either could remember. The sun is rising, but in the dusty light, the girl feels no comfort. "I feel like it was more than a nightmare, more than a terror," her fearful eyes turned upon him, "was it real- did someone break into my astral plane?"

Unshed tears rim her pale eyes threatening to fall. "Please don't cry, little one," a single tear falls, "I wish I knew the answer." His arm is around her now, holding her tightly to his side. Me too, me too big brother…I want it to be a nightmare. "What can I do for you," he suddenly stands, pulling her with him. She struggles for balance while also pulling away from him. Her face is a mask of confusion, "I mean, sleep might not be good for you, should I cook something? Or should I call someone?" His face showed stress, his voice is strained, but he is trying to appear calm. I'm sorry that I trouble you; so, so sorry.

"I should be fine…" Her smile does not reach her eyes. "Don't worry about me, it was probably just a dream…let's just keep it to ourselves. Please?" His disbelieving look made her twitch; his body language is simple to understand 'I'm here, let me help you; don't push me away.'

"Don't push me away; don't do it." I'm not…I can't.

Sighing, she rubs her eyes, attempting to remove his voice from her ears; his touch from her body; his image from her mind. "It was just a dream…" I hope.