It's the perfect time of day,

To throw all your cares away.

(Barenaked Ladies)

Sitting in the thinking room, which was really just a den with pastel colors and comfortable chairs, with my beloved-can't you just taste the love?- sister and her husband to be-poor sap has no idea what he's in for- was awkward enough but why don't we just throw in my science teacher and my mom, who's favorite subject just so happens to be anatomy, human anatomy that is. In other words, she likes to talk about sex. Let me put it this way, my mom decided it was a good time to give me the 'sex talk' at age 6 and by age 16 it had turned into a four hour long lecture with charts, graphs, pictures and everything!

As I've said before, it's very hard to embarrass me when it comes to my parents. I long ago excepted the fact that they just aren't like other adults and they would never be anything like them. Yet not even I was prepared when my mom started to question Mr. Heath on his sex life. I was quite enjoying the horrified looks of my sister when mom started to inquire about her and her fiancé's sex life but when she suddenly turned to Mr. Heath, who looked like he was trying to wipe the smirk off his face from the obvious discomfort of his friend, and asked him about the most dreadful subject-well lets just say I almost spit my Green tea all over the nice foamy carpet.

"Excuse me?" I watched as Mr. Heath's bright blue eyes went comically wide at my moms pervious question.

"I was just wondering what you're love life is like, you are such a handsome young man, I bet you have sex four to six times a week, am I right?" If I was not sitting in that room, and if it had not been my own mother that asked that question I would have been laughing my butt off. Though of course the fates must really have it out for me because I was indeed in that very room, with my own mother who asked the utterly inappropriate question. My mom would never see it as inappropriate though so all I could do was watch as Mr. Heath tried to regain his composure and think of a good answer.

"No, not at all. I don't have a girlfriend." Mr. Heath finally managed to choke out. I couldn't help but think how cute he looked but I quickly brushed the thought off. Seriously, teenage hormones need to be burned alive and the ashes should then be sealed off and sent to the farthest ends of the galaxies. I'm pretty positive God was in a very sadistic mood when he added just a dash of hormones into the mix.

"Oh do not be so coy Sebastian!" My mom said with a wide grin that warned me that she was about to say something that would match her last question in the abnormal factor.

"Mom, you should show Lyle around the house! I bet he would love to see that, wouldn't you?" Peace asked the question in such a way that meant there was only one acceptable answer.

"Of course, that would be fantastic." Lyle stood, along with Peace who motioned for mom to follow her. Mom stood up and walked out of the thinking room, obviously completely forgetting about the current conversation. Thank Buddha for short term memories.

"Well that was awkward." I looked over at Mr. Heath and laughed as he slouched considerably and leaned back against the couch.

"Oh you don't know the half of it." He looked over at me with an arched brow and I pulled my legs underneath me with a grin. "The first time I brought Xabrina home, was back in forth grade, I opened the door and walked in the kitchen to BAM! There's my mom and dad, standing there, in nothing but their birthday suits. I hadn't really been over any other kids houses before so I didn't know that was wrong but by the squeak made by Xabrina, I knew something had to be off. It wasn't until my first slumber party that I realized my parents weren't of the norm." I explained which was met by a low, deep rumbly laugh from Mr. Heath.

"You act a lot different around them also." Mr. Heath commented and I nodded, knowing that I had been acting like a 5-year-old earlier but that was mostly because of seeing Mickey after so long, not because of my parents.

"Well I bet you act differently around your parents than you do at school." I commented back.

"Yes because I'm sure if I ordered my dad to go to wait out into the hall to give him a lecture on his behavior, he'd just hang his head in shame." He smirked at me and I rolled my eyes.

"Lame." I said because he knew I didn't mean what he did, more so just how he behaved. He just laughed and ran a hand through his hair. His hair had grown out since the first time I saw him and was now falling slightly into his eyes, when that happened he'd brush them out but the silky-looking strands just fell right back into place. I chewed on my bottom lip and looked skyward. I do not have a crush on my teacher. I do not like my idiot sisters, fiancés best friend. I do not, will not and can not fall for Mr. Heath!

"So you want to give me a separate tour or should I start attempting to tutor you again?" I looked over into his bright blue eyes as they twinkled with amusement at my disbelieving look. There was no way he'd try and get me to learn on the weekend, was there? If I just flip past the discovery channel on the weekend I go into a coma. "So a tour it is." He stood up and I grumbled, standing up also because I had no other choice. I poked him in the chest as I squeezed past him, giving him my best evil eye before heading to the staircase that led down into the basement. The basement was the coolest room in the house, well besides for my room of course.

"Wow, I use to have to walk a couple blocks to get to the arcade but you've got one in your basement." Mr. Heath said with a large, goofy grin and I could see the little kid in him coming out. I could see the questions burning in his eyes so I decided to answer him before he could voice them.

"When my dad was younger he worked in an arcade and when the owner died he put it in his will that the person who had the highest score would get the machine." I walked over to Pac Man and hit the high scores button. Riverfold was the first three scores. "It's like that on most of the games, Mickey and I managed to knock him off his king status a couple times though." I wish I had a camera so I could snap a picture of the look on his face. It was like a kid walking into Toys R' Us for the first time. Priceless.

"Do you have to pay for the games?" He asked, bringing those bright eyes to finally look at me.

"No, Mickey programmed them so we don't have to but sometimes when we have parties we program it back so they have to pay. We've made a pretty penny from doing that." I grinned widely, my wicked master plan hitting like me like a semi one day when Mickey and I were sitting around, bored out of minds, many years ago. Mickey had agreed full-heartedly and suddenly the place was full of 7 and 14 year olds." I explained with a small smile at the memory. Mickey and I had always gotten along so naturally we were always around each other with our friends, even if I was 7 years younger than him. Even though my parents never treated me like a kid because they valued everyone's opinion no matter how young or old but my sister always made me feel so small and insignificant so it was just nice to have my older brother not be bothered by me at all.

"You two always gotten along so well?" Mr. Heath asked, as if he was reading my mind. I nodded, never remembering a moment where Mickey and I got into a real fight. Sure we had small arguments, we weren't scary perfect, but they were mostly dumb little spats that lasted all of two seconds where I usually won by giving a little pout that got him every time. "I wish I got along with my older siblings." I tilted my head to the side in question but sadly I couldn't voice my question.

"Family, dinners ready!" My dads usually low voice boomed throughout the house. Mr. Heath's frown turned into a grin.

"This should be interesting." I followed him as he walked up the stairs and to the kitchen with a weird feeling. Mr. Heath knew so much about me but I knew close to nothing about him. I knew he was chubby when he was a kid, that he was my sisters fiancé's best friend, that he did in fact have a family, and now I knew he didn't get along with his older siblings. Mr. Heath was a mystery, and you know what you do with mysteries.

I took a seat in between my dad and Mickey, looking at the copious amount of food and hearing my stomach growl. Mickey and I had spent basically the whole day together, catching up and I don't really remember eating so I was just about to show these nice fine people how much of a pig I could be. I should have known that eating food without spitting it back out in disgust or choked laughter wasn't an option when company was over.

My dad, usually quieter of the two, stayed silent and let mom do most of the talking. Lyle, who didn't seem at all use to having such open parents was as white as a sheet and only poked at his food while Peace looked like a bull who had just saw red. Mr. Heath, Mickey and I were just enjoying the conversation and trying not to let liquids come out of our noses or choke on our food.

"Is everyone done with their food?" Dad asked, right after mom started inquiring about grandchildren. She really meant well, truthfully. She just sometimes came off a bit too strong, Mickey says I'm just like her yet when I asked questions they aren't nearly as innocent as moms are. Just incase nobody caught that, Mickey was calling me a pervert. I wasn't really. Okay, maybe a little but everyone is deep down inside, I just happen to voice mine a bit more than others. "Then dessert. Does everyone like sundaes?" Dad inquired after Mickey and I had helped him clear all the dishes. It would be too great of an inconvenience for Princess Peace to get off her royal butt and help out a bit. Everyone nodded in agreement because truthfully, who didn't like sundaes? If you didn't like bananas, you ate the ice cream and vice versa but the first person to admit they don't like ice cream is going to hell. Not really, anyone can like what they like but personally, I'm obsessed with it.

"Isn't that right Journey?" Obviously my mental ramblings about ice cream made me miss what the current topic had changed too but by the look on Peace's face and the way she posed the question, I knew she knew I hadn't been paying attention and she wanted the heat taken off of Lyle and herself and put it on me.

"I'm not quite sure, what do you think Mickey?" I asked, looking over at my brother who I knew was paying attention. Even if there was a slight chance he wasn't, he had this really funky thing that even if he was off in lala land, he can still recall everything going on around him.

"Having sex when you're a teen isn't the best of choices." Mickey answered, giving me a slight disapproved look that I shoved the conversation onto him. I smiled apologetically but turned a glare on Peace. I had this habit of just shouting out 'yes!' when asked a question when I wasn't listening and she knew that. So if I had said yes on teen sex than she would have asked me if I had any and than it would mean war! Yet in my 17 years of living I had learned to remain on the fence when I have no idea what I'm talking about.

The rest of the evening went by swimmingly, as Lyle would say in his rugged accent that I was fast falling in love with. Now I'm not saying I'm in love with Lyle, that would just be complicated and rather ridiculous but his accent was a completely different story. Truthfully, how many British guys do you meet in your life if you've been grounded to one place which is no where England. Mr. Heath remained quiet throughout the whole thing but not in a rude way, I don't think he could even be rude if he tried, but in a brooding way. Peace on the other hand was aggravating, loud, rude, and obnoxious to the point where I wanted to reach across the table and strangle her. Luckily I have amazing restraint and pushed the feeling to the back of my mind. Mom, after getting over all her awkward questions, was now pleasantly asking questions about the wedding. Mickey, as always, put in his two cents where ever he felt it needed to be said, like telling mom that a circus themed wedding would be a bit on the expensive side. Dad remained joyfully quiet throughout the whole thing, laughing and nodding at all the appropriate moments. I muttered dark things under my breath that my dad pretended he didn't hear and Mickey either shook his head disapprovingly or tried to hide his laughter.

"You must come back sometime soon." Mom said as she placed her long, pianist like fingers on Lyle's shoulders before pulling him into a 'love hug'. It was around 11 and for some reason I was beat and just wanted to get the good-byes out of the way so I could go crawl up in my bed, play some Frank Sinatra and fall asleep. I smiled my goodbyes, not really wanting to hug Peace, coming to the conclusion that Lyle felt awkward enough without a hug from his new sister-in-law, and finding it would just be a bit weird, even for me, to hug Mr. Heath without hugging the other two.

"Oh bugger." Lyle muttered as he tried to push the door open. I glanced over at Mickey and he was trying to hide his smirk behind his hand. Both of us had commented on how very skinny Lyle was but neither of us thought he wouldn't be strong enough to open a door.

"It seems during your stay here we've had a blizzard." My dad said, looking out the window with a worried look. I skidded over to him and peered out the window to notice their car was buried under a pile of snow. It took Lyle and Mr. Heath to budge open the door.

"Snow!" I cried happily, not really caring that my car had been sucked in by it and was now just a white lump in the unseen driveway. Mickey grabbed me before I could go out and jump in it. I didn't really care about getting frostbite from only having shorts on, I wanted to play in the snow gosh darnit!

"Maybe you three should spend the night." Dad said, his fatherly instincts coming through as I instantly stopped struggling, thinking about how interesting it would be to try and explain to my friends why I had a teacher sleeping in my house.

"No! We'll be fine!" Peace rushed out, turning and grimacing as she looked at the snow.

"Love, maybe it wouldn't be too bad of an idea." Lyle offered, putting his hand on the flat of her back and rubbing it up and down softly. Some of the tension dropped from Peace's shoulders as she sighed in defeat. "I believe we'll take you up on that offer." They closed the door, with a bit of difficulty while Mickey and I were sent off to set up Peace's room and the guest bedroom.

"I don't understand why her highness can't clean up her own room." I mumbled tossing stuff into the closet without much care. Mickey glanced over at me and I could almost feel his eye roll. Honestly, I felt bad for the guy because he was always caught in the middle but I couldn't stand Peace. How she got someone like Lyle is beyond me. He must have some mental defect that hasn't shown up yet.

"Hello, I was wondering if I could be of any assistance." Mr. Heath offered, poking his head around the corner. Mickey motioned for me to go, since this room was almost done. I grabbed the sleeve of Mr. Heath's sweater and pulled him along. "This room is very… bright." I smirked and glanced around the lime green and black room.

"So is our family." I commented and Mr. Heath nodded in agreement before plopping down on the 'bright' but very comfortable bed.

"This is probably the most comfortable bed I've ever laid in." Mr. Heath muttered after laying down and I laughed.

"There's some of Mickey's sweat pants and a large t-shirt here, sweet dreams Mr. Heath." I said quietly, already seeing his eyes drooping.

"You too." He mumbled and I walked out of the room, closing the door quietly behind me. I looked up at Mickey who was giving me a suspicious look.

"He seems very tired so he probably won't feel a thing when I come back at night to molest him." I said quickly, so he couldn't interrupt, but with a cackle at the end as Mickey's hands went up to his ears instinctively.

"Ugh, nightmares! Excuse me while I go wash out my brain." He stormed off and I wondered into my own bedroom, collapsing onto my large bed and crawling under the covers. Today had been a productive day. Ticked off Peace a couple times, made Mr. Heath uncomfortable, and grossed out my brother. Very productive if I do say so myself.

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