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Chapter 1 continued.

The Knight shook his head. Once again the princess gave him a baffled look but the knight ignored it and kicked his stallions side and the beautiful animal took off at a raided pace. The princess leaned back into the breast plate of her savors armor, not that this made her anymore comfortable, but she was following her part as a princess considering she didn't wish to be dumped on her butt watching the knight ride off without her. So she leaned against him so to swell his ego and make him think that she wanted him. In her opinion it was a very cruel thing to do but what other choice did she have. This was her life as a princess. She sighed gently and watched the trees as they passed by them, everything seemed to be blurred.

They rode on for hours and the princess had fallen asleep. The night was dark and the air was cold. The knight looked down at the sleeping princess and sighed. Gently the knight took a blanket from the nap sack that rested against the flank of the horse wrapped it around the sleeping beauty.

The knight watched as the moon rose above the trees and illuminated the night sky; the stars seem to gaze at the world like eyes watching over the people. Everything was silent except for the slow intake and exhale of breath by Morganna. The knight took off one of the gloves and gently brushed some hair from Morganna's face admiring her beauty. The knight sighed gently and averted all the attention from Morganna to the road a head. Noticing that the palace gates where in sight.

Kicking the steady gently they reached the gates close to midnight. The draw bridge was let down and the horse galloped across the wooden plank. The knight was greeted by soldiers. They all reached for the sleeping princess but the knight stopped them with one hand held in the air.

The knight slipped from the stallion and the princess fell into the knights out stretched arms. The knight transferred the girl over to a solider and then grabbed the reins of the horse walking away.

.Chapter 2.

The light filled the room, shinning brightly on Morganna's face, her eyes lids fluttered open. She brought her hand to her eyes trying to block the harsh rays. She lay contently in her bed absorbing the comfort and familiarity of it, she felt most at peace in the early morning, when everything seemed to just start fresh, anew. There was a certain innocence to a new day.

Her eyes widened in shock as she remembered the past days events. Where was her knight? He had been so… kind…or well more of different, but he had treated her with a respect none of the others had. For once she didn't feel like some sort of prize to be won. Morganna sighed, a soft expel of breath as her door opened and in rushed her lady in waiting.

"Hullo, Princess Morganna… it's so good to see you alive and well." The young girl flung herself at Morganna, crushing her in a warming embrace. "I was so very worried!" She cried into Morganna's shoulder.

"Mary… Mary… please I can not breathe." She let out a soft laugh. "Let go, you silly girl." Morganna pushed Mary, her lady in waiting, away from her with a gentle shove. "Please, tell me, what of my savor?"

Her lady in waiting had turned the shade of a red rose and muttered sorry a few times before giving the answer the princess so impatiently waited for, "Well, Milady, we do not know. Sir Knight left soon after delivering you into the guard's hands."

Morganna's face fell. She had hoped for the chance to see her savor, maybe, for the first time ever, be courted by the young knight. This was the first time she felt a connection to a man.

"Please, Milady we mustn't dwell. Your father, the king, wishes your presence in the Royal Court. He missed you dearly and has been greatly worried for you and wishes to know that you are well." Mary said this in quite a rush making it rather difficult for Morganna to understand, but it didn't matter. She knew the whole speech by heart since it was recited to her every morning of her return. The only difference this time was her knight had disappeared, leaving her in a slightly confused state.

Morganna's lady in waiting helped her dress and fix her hair. When they finished Morganna wore a long blue dress, it was simple and not the average princess eccentric, but still very beautiful. It fit her long lanky figure perfectly. Her long blonde hair fell in layers with one long plaited braid falling down the middle; she had a very elegant air about her. Morganna slipped her feet into some delicate golden slippers and made her way down to the Royal Court, escorted by Mary, to where her father waited for her.

Lacey sat staring up at the vast sky, her hand swaying back and forth caressing the rock she was perched on. She averted her eyes to the ground, a soft sigh passing through her lips, why'd this have to be so complicated. She stood from her former position and grabbed her helmet. Slowly making her way over to her young black stallion, she loaded her stained armor; she gripped the reins and slowly began her travel back to the Castle.

Her muscles ached from the long toile with dragon, her heart hurt, and her mind was numb. Lacey slowly made her way along the trail that led her home.

She softly began singing to herself. She missed her life before the castle. Living in the forest peacefully. Days would lull by, but there was never any real conflict for her people. She couldn't really figure out why she left, well no, she knew why. And at this point in time she wasn't sure if it had been such a smart idea.

The castle came closer with each step, and upon reaching the gates she pulled off to the side where a large tree stood. She sheded the weighting armor, quickly replacing it with a long simple red dress, with fine golden lace at the collar and cuffs. Searching the area with a quick glance to make sure no one was around she tapped the tree lightly with her right hand; as if by magic a compartment appeared. Lacey stuffed the armor inside concealing it from the world. She tamed her matted hair making it look slightly more presentable. Retaking the black steed's reins she pulled him to the gate, mounting him she called forth,

"Lady Lacey wishes to enter. I am back from my journey." Her voice floated through the air to the guards ears. Music was a good way to describe the girl's voice. All the men jumped up and quite a few 'at once my lady!' could be heard. The gate was lowered and Lacey raced the stallion across giving a quick thanks to the men before completely disappearing into the castle.