Inside of Albany High hallway. It is a different day, which is signaled by the fact that Stanford is dressed differently then in the last scene. The halls are not packed as the school day is over.

Stanford is about to leave when he sees somebody familiar across the hall talking to an overweight black girl. The boy is 17 years old. He is wearing a long white tee with baggy black jeans. He has a huge black coat with an orange inside. He's wearing peanut butter Timberland boots. Camera switches to a close up of Stanford's face smiling. Stanford walks over to the boy quickly.

Stanford: Ray! What's good?

Ray-Shawn: Oh shit! My nigga Stanford! What it is? Ah, so you living here now. That's some shit (laughing).

Stanford: Yea, yea.

Girl: So, I'll see yo…(Talking to Ray-Shawn before he interrupts her).

Ray-Shawn: Yea what ever I'll call you (obviously isn't interested). So my boy when you get here?

Stanford: During summer. I heard you got arrested.

Ray-Shawn: Yea but it isn't even anything. Yo where you stayin at?

Stanford: Off of Second.

Ray-Shawn: Uptown or downtown?

Stanford: What you mean? I don't know man. I'm still in city mode, uptown is Harlem and Bronx borough for me you knamean (starts laughing).

Ray-Shawn: (Laughing) Like what street is near where you at my nigs? Like you live on Second and what?

Stanford: Oh Second Ave. and…Clara I think. Something like that.

Ray-Shawn: Wha? Wait Second Ave?

Stanford: Yea…

Ray-Shawn: Oh Ight I thought you meant Second Street that's why I was asking. You live in the fuckin 'burbs compared to uptown my nigga (starts laughing).

Stanford: You live "uptown"?

Ray-Shawn: Third street my boy. Na I was asking 'cause Second Street is right by and I thought you had lived there. But na Second Ave. is completely different territory. Hey how 'bout you come with me, I'll introduce you to some people and shit ight? You can see what's good with your Auntie an shit.

Stanford: Ight Ray. I gotta get back by ten though.

Ray-Shawn: Nigga its fam you sleeping at my place we don't live that close you knamean. So you gon crash at my place. Ma won't care.

Stanford: Oh all right as long as Lavoya wont care.

The two boys walk out of the building.

Ray-Shawn: So you get some pussy yet?

Stanford: Hmm? No. I mean not in Albany.

Ray-Shawn: I can help you if you want?

Stanford: Na I'm good for now.

Ray-Shawn: Ight as long as you good my nigs. Where is this nigga (looking down the street)?

Stanford: Yea so what happened to you? What you do? (Ray-Shawn looks confused) I'm sayin, like to get arrested.

Ray-Shawn: Oh! Well my nigga Slug had a business thing to go to and he wanted a big nigga with him so I came along. Now we was going to this place, more close to where you at you know Dana Ave.?

Stanford shakes his head no.

Oh well in the car this nigga was like ight these niggas bang hard. If anything is wrong you start snuffin' niggas. So we in the place, they got me a 40 so I'm sippin on that or whatever. Then this nigga with these platinum looking teeth, scary looking nigga, he goes up to me and touches my drink and is like "What's your name?" I snuffed the nigga in his jaw (Punches the air as if the kid he's talking about is standing there).

Stanford: Dead ass?

Ray-Shawn: Yea, but I had him laid out on the ground just punched him mad times (he is doing punching motions in the air while explaining). I took his eye socket bone out, this niggas face was mad swollen. Whole thing took like 15 seconds at most. Two niggas came on me. I just snuffed um both and my nigga Slug was like "Leave!" So we both got back in the whip and was out. But, I apparently beat that nigga an inch from life ending and my boy slug had stabbed some nigga and somebody in the street saw me and recognized me. Next thing I know cops is at my door and shit.

Stanford: Wow that's some crazy shit. I'm confused though how…?

A beat up blue Acura pulls up to them both waiting on Washington Ave in front of Albany High.

Ray-Shaw: Oh here's this nigga. Come on in.

They both get into the beat up Acura.


Inside of the Acura.

There is a black man with a black and white Yankee fitted on. He is wearing all black. He has orange and black beads around his neck. He is around 20 years old, his name is Bamboo.

Ray-Shawn: Yo what's good. This my cousin Stanford.

Bamboo: (without looking into the backseat) What up.

Ray-Shawn: This niggas Bamboo. Yo so what been going down today while I was wasting time at The High?

Bamboo: Nothing really. Just clockin' you know. Oh yea Ray. These niggas wanna fight you.

Ray-Shawn: Hmm? Who got beef with me? They downtown niggas?

Bamboo: Na it isn't like that. Some nigga talking shit like you, um. I don't even remember. Some shit like you got his sister pregnant or something. You wouldn't pay abortion or some shit. Like this is before you were sent to the Catskills and they talking shit about it today.

Ray-Shawn: I didn't get that bitch pregnant. That's why I didn't pay for that shit (laughs and nudges Stanford). You knamean? Yea (sarcastically), Im a pay for your mistake. Bitch please.

Stanford puts on a fake smile. Ray-Shawn looks out of the window. Camera focuses on four black teenagers walking down the street. They all have orange rags on either their heads or in their pockets. Some have black and orange beads.

Ray-Shawn: Yo (laughing), yo pull up slow on these niggas. Lets scare um (laughing).

Bamboo slows the car down smiling and shaking his head at Ray-Shawn's stupidity. Ray-Shawn slowly rolls the window down and points his fingers out of the window. They pull slowly to the teenagers.

Ray-Shawn: (At the top of his lungs) Blauw Blauw Blauw Blauw (starts laughing histaricaly because all of the kids ducked and looked frightened)! Yea Tony (referring to one of the boys), I see you nigga! HAHA!

Tony: Yo nigga you scared the fuck out a me. I could have killed you (pulls out a small black revolver Smith and Wesson).

Ray-Shawn: Nigga you don't have the heart to pull the trigger!

They drive off.


On Third St. and Ontario.

There are a lot of people around. Most of which have on the same orange and black beads as Bamboo. Many wearing tanish orange rags on their heads. Stanford and Ray-Shawn are sitting on a stoop talking. There are a lot of other people with them but they are in their own conversations.

Stanford: So your mom said I'm supposed to rub off on you (with a smile).

Ray-Shawn: Oh yea (laughs)?

Stanford: Yea some shit like that.

Ray-Shawn: Ight maybe. Lets hope I don't rub off on you right (laughs), your mom would spaz if you turned into a nigga like me right.

Stanford: (Laughing but you can tell he doesn't know why he's laughing) Why you a tough nigga or something? Nigga you ain't shit!

Ray-Shawn: Ight then. I ain't shit. You right (sarcastically).

A crack head comes walking down the street looking nervous. He is wearing a hoodie and ripped jeans. He goes up to Ray-Shawn with a 100$ bill in his hand. Ray-Shawn takes a crack vial and hands it to the fiend for the bill.

Stanford: Um so this is what you be doin'…for cash I mean? (He looks nervous)

Ray-Shawn: Yea well I gotta make the paper someway you knamean. I'm down for

Stanford: Yea I feel you…

Ray-Shawn: Me and my uptown niggas is getting paid my boy…Getting that real mothafuckin money.

Stanford: Oh all right. Ight.

Ray-Shawn: This shit get you nervous (smiling)?

Stanford: Na…

Ray-Shawn: Yes it does. But keep it that way my nigga. Yo I got business to do all right but my mother would like to see you I'm sure. She's up the street number…

Stanford: Yea I can remember what the house looks like. I can find it.

Ray-Shawn: Alright Im a be around. My numbers 555-9833. You don't gotta cell?

Stanford: Na…

Ray-Shawn: Well Ima have to fix that (Smiling pulls out a wad of a bunch of twenties that adds up to well over a couple hundred dollars). Ight we'll worry about that later little gangster. Ight I'll be home a little later my nigga one. Oh yea and if anybody gives you trouble tell 'em I'm your cousin all right.

Stanford: Alright, One (they give each other the pound and Stanford walks up the street).

Stanford walks up the street looking at his surroundings. The houses are mostly wooden town houses. Painted in different colors. Paint peeling on over half of them. He walks up the street. Camera focuses on a fiend giving another boy with orange beads money. Stanford looks away quickly wondering how there could be so many drug dealers on the same street. He walks past two fat black ladies fist fighting. He sees a group of about eight men and boys conversing, most of which are wearing some kind of orange. Stanford walks across the street as not to have to go through them. He passes a corner store and more gangsters and fiends until he finally gets to his destination of Aunt Lavoya's house.