Never Forget

Remember how we first met

So vulnerable, so ignorant and

Despite your farfetched claims

I accepted you as my friend

And somehow that blossomed

Despite our polar minds

We somehow became best friends

And we were certain it would last 'til the end

And we didn't expect this bond to begin to bend

But, hon, believe me when I say

It was a lost cause anyway

The bond was splintered from its very birth

By the jealousy consuming you and tearing us apart

Remember all the times I was there

As a shoulder for you to pour your heart out onto

Remember the gifts I made and bought you

With such thought, such love

Remember it all

Take it all in

Everything you lost

Just never forget how you let your drama kill us

How your jealousy tore us apart

Never ignore how you treated me that day

Where you pushed and you pushed until you pushed too hard

And we went tumbling off the edge

Such a tragic way to go

Among everything else you'll recall about me

My smile, my honesty, my bubbliness

Remember how in mid-fall, I sprouted those wings

You know, the ones I proudly bear now

And avoided a most certain tragedy

A definite mistake:

Landing there with you

Broken and bruised

Thus leaving the door open

When I sprouted those wings

I gained strength

When I spread those wings

I closed the door

When I flapped those wings

I left you behind closed doors

In your own little world

Just never forget how you lost me. . .