Wonderfulness of You

Exploding patterns in such vibrant colors

Stripes, polka dots, plaid

Green, red, yellow, aqua

Mixed all together

Into vibrant swirls of you

Too amazing to be contained within anything

Everything's out there

Bold-faced and underlined

Size 175 font

So huge is your personality

It's as radiant as a sun

Others have no choice but to surround you

You're so entertaining

With plenty of colorful adventures to tell

You're so cheerful

Such a jovial person

With such abundance of humor

All combining to make the recipe for you

Yet no matter how many people try to replicate

This sacred recipe

No matter how hard they try to emulate you

And your blinding glory

Your casual majesty

They will all fail

Because you're the only authentic you

They would all just be copies

No clone can be made

Nothing can be done to make you unoriginal

So unorthodox, you're fantastic

What I thought to be just lust either never was just that

Or has escalated into actual feelings for you

The kind of emotions I just want to should out

But I must keep silent

Despite my desire

I need time first

Much time to settle things with others

With myself

Time to resign myself to the liking of you

And so I welcome these feelings

With open arms

And an entirely vulnerable heart

I'm just counting on you

Not to break it