Green, Green Bottle

This poem is about a girl who's calling out for help by her one means...writing a note and putting it in a bottle to throw into the sea with the hope that someone will come and rescue her. You don't have to look at it literally. It could be you stuck in emotional turmoil with only one last resort (not necessarily a green bottle. lol). Not one of my best, but I post every poem I write out of habit, so comments will be appreciated. :-)

- - -

It's a green, green bottle,

A final plea for help,

Tossed in the ocean with my despair,

An appeasement to one's self.

A satisfaction to the mind,

A light to help me cope,

The SOS, the messenger,

The one thing that gives me hope.

It floats up and down,

Threatening to sink and be lost forever,

The tiny scrunched note it contains,

Is the glue that holds me together.

Freedom and loved ones,

Will be back with me,

I will hold on a while longer,

And keep faith in it steadfastly...

It's a green, green bottle...

- - -