A maniacal laugh echoes through corridors,

For the innocent's imminent death.

I rush in heroically and there is my nemesis--

The one who has done all this crime.

And there she is, trapped and helpless,

Held hostage to the madman's revenge.

It is short work for me to disable him;

He can't match my superior intellect.

I free her, she rises, and hugs me close--

I have saved her life once again.

This world is perfect, and I am happy here.

But then a harsh call of my name

Abruptly summons me back to reality.

The happiness subsides and monotony ensues;

My heart shatters and dreams crumble,

As they always do when I come back.

And thinking of her now makes me feel empty.

I know I shouldn't be thinking of these anyway

But not thinking of them is so hard.

Why do I do this? I ask myself.

What good has ever come from these frivolous fantasies?

All they do is skew my perception of how things are

And how I think they should be.

Because then, upon my return to earth,

I feel the pain of not having the things I want.

Stick with the truth, remain in reality--

Daydreams won't fulfill you.