I am sorry

I am so sorry

Did you ever feel like this?

Did what I did, ever make you feel like this?

I sat on the tail gate

and drank to a clouded moon

and threw rocks at the stars

and wondered

did you ever,

would you ever

could you ever

forgive me

Why do this now?

Why tear what can't be mended?

Why break what can't be replaced?

Why come back, just to leave.

There never was moment,

there never was a thought

I never said

I did not want you.

Till this day

all the pain and grief

washed off of me like dust

You before me

tearful and penitent,

and I could forgive you

for the fall of man,

I cannot live like this

I cannot do this

I cannot endure this.

It has wrung the love

out of me and I am dry.

If this is what I did to you,

I am sorry

I am so sorry.