and you say that it is over
before it has even begun.

and I wonder how
you can dance
around the truth

and end up entangled
in your shiny web of lies.
(wound up in your own torment)

don't you know that promise rings
are suppose to mean forever,
and that happily ever after
was written just for us?

don't put your finger
against my lips
sealed with a bitter reminder
of how things once were.

I'll never forget those times
we danced along the skyline
or when you tried to jump over the moon
in the water.

or how it felt that first day of summer
driving off into the sunset

a pink sky full of romance
over our heads.

so fragile and sweet as
the world gave us her blessings,

while we drove in your red convertible
hand in hand
our eyes set on forever.

we were like star crossed lovers
stars in our own right

waiting to be aligned so
we could climax over a state of ecstasy
while the moon shudders,

the air thick with the sound of
pounding hearts
and hazy eyes
and midnight confessions.

and now after all those times
you're saying that
it wasn't
meant to be
its not you, it's me.

and it's so obvious
that you're dripping out
black black lies
(You were never a good liar.)

but even as the rain sets in
soaking us through
you still don't change your mind
even though I can see the tears
slipping through your eyes

(and into my heart)
as you say good bye.

leaving me empty.

and the angels wept
cradling my hyperventilating
heart out from the rain

and for a moment

(when the lightning strikes the ground)
I catch a flicker of emotion
flash through your face

but as quickly as it comes
it goes.

and I'm left with nothing,
except drenched in the
Universal understanding
of the world
Romeo and Juliet
Were never meant to be.