She's the one

She was the girl who cried herself to sleep

The one who was too emotionally deep

She was the one who was always left behind

The girl was going out of her mind

The girl who no one understood

The one who people always told her she could

The girl who found pleasure in pain

The one who hid her tears in the rain

The one who everyday shed a thousand tears

The girl who had a hundred fears

She was the girl that fell from above

The one who never thought she'd find love

All of that changed in just one day

Because she could not keep her words at bay

So from hate of herself

She tore her sorrows and put them on the top shelf

To forget them all

And to stop her from feeling so small

She hoped that forever it would be that way

But God decided he wanted his plan to stay

So she once again she had to suffer

And she forced herself to be a bit tougher

And she lived on her life in sorrow

Until the never ending tomorrow

The Lord her God had blessed her

And changed her so her life wouldn't be such a blur

Never again she cried to sleep

For she knew God's love for her was to deep

No one thought her to be out of her mind anymore

She felt as if she could soar

Everyone began to understand she was distinct

And with that, she blinked

With that blink her tears were gone

And then it began to dawn

Her fears scare her, but she must conquer them

And with that and a quick "Ahem"

She spoke to the person she loved

And soon found out that she will never go unloved

In support of her family and new friend

All her sorrows will end

She now knows what God can do

And with that her spirits flew

"I love you God you are great and superb

I am now off this curb

In my life you know what I go through

This I know is true

You saved me from my death

And allowed me my first breath

You send me my first friend

I am not able to comprehend

All of the joys and blessings of life you gave me

I now know the love of life, you let me spree

To wonder and explore

I thank you will all of my heart, and more"

She now prays at night

Never getting into a fight

She is now the "perfect person"

And even if her pain begins to worsen

She remembers that she has God by her side

And that he is her guide

She never will forget

A day with no more regret

That one day when they all snickered

Or when she stood up for her self and bickered

Because she then found her lord

The man that became her life's reward

That man saved her life

And took away the thing that almost ended it, the knife