Tomorrow maybe,

Maybe tomorrow.

Hearts made of candy bleeding into these wounds endlessly,

Hands are shaking,

As the mind breaks open.

Something lost in these words...

That you have forgotten...

Since forever.

The enclosure of a grave is waiting for you...

Wait while these tears are ascending and descending.

Losing breath in this entombment.

The day swallowing you whole,

AS the night waits for you and your meaningless remorse.

You can see the shatter marks all over your body.

Already forgetting that you've forgotten.

But knowing everything isn't really right,

Not in this dead asylum...

Maybe tomorrow's float through your eyes,

With all the corpses of dreams and burnt out stars,

Blinking helplessly,

Like dying lights,

The power in your body...

Going out.

The batteries are becoming dead.

Then tomorrow and today won't mean anything,

Not anymore.

Helplessly gone,

With eyes blank.

You probably won't care.

Not as if you remember it all...

The smells of the hospital filling your fingers.

Dead are all the little things.

Like the light in your eyes.