Parish the Thought

Note: A minister, Father Melvin Isagoth discovers he truly does have bats in his belfrey. He calls the DNR (Department of Natural Resources) to safely capture the creatures and release them into the wild.

Chapter 1—Univited Guests in the Church

Father Melvin Isagoth was usually the only one in the church after hours and kept everything in order before his usual sermons on Sundays. It was a typical week and he had come to practice for his solo. He would be the special music for this upcoming Sunday, but he wasn't worried. He had practiced the song over and over again and had it comitted to memory. This night, his wife, children, the organist and the choir director weren't the only ones attending Melvin's "concert". Some strange noises could be heard from the belfry. The children, Luther and Wesley had become curious and decided to investigate for themselves. Inquisitive as well, Mevlin's lovely and brilliant wife Christina followed her boys closely.

From the top of the belfrey came chirps and squeaks that didn't resemble any birds that the Isagoth family was familiar with. Luther climbed higher until he came face to face with some adorable brown bats. Being a bat enthusiast, Luther was not the least bit frightened by them, but they were scared of him. Flapping their wings violently, they did all they could to chase him away and he had lost his balance on the ladder. Quickly, his younger brother and mother caught him.

"I always did say you had bats in your belfrey, Melvin. Now I believe it.", Christina said, faecitously. The entire family chuckled. Melvin had always been a little "batty" but that was just the way he was. He never would've thought he would actually have real bats in his belfrey but now he knew what was causing the strange chatter in the church. In as much as he knew the bats liked living there, he had to call the Department of Natural Resources and have them removed and placed in their natural habitat.

Chapter 2—Depatrment of Natural Resources to the Rescue

The naturalists, once called, had appeared only minutes later after Father Isagoth had called them on his cell phone. At once, they went to work but the bats were tricky to remove. Luckily they had plenty of burlap bags in which to gather them and carried them gently into their truck. Before long the bats were returned to their natural habitat, but the Isagoth's problems weren't over. It seemed that one bat out of the thousands wanted to return, but the Isagoth family didn't realize this until the chirping sounds began once more.

"This is becoming ridiculous. I don't know why they like the belfrey so much, but it seems the one that returned brought a mate and the possibility of a new bat colony is very possible. We need to do something.", Christina said.

"The DNR did everything they could the last time they rounded up the bats so what makes you think they'll be any help now ?", Melvin said, honestly.

"I think I can handle it. Just give me some time and I will create a solution to the problem.", Luther said.

"Ah, brother's going to invent again. This should prove interesting.", Wesley said, grinning from ear to ear. Wesley didn't even know what was going on in his brother's mind but knowing how Luther's mind worked, the invention would be astounding. Without any further ado, once the Isagoths arrived home, Luther had taken residence in his room, putting together a new device.

Chapter 3—The Amazing Machine

It had taken the course of a couple nights, but Luther's device was ready. He had tested all of the bugs out of it, and he would use it in the belfrey for the first time. It tracked the signiture of a bat's sonar and used a higher pitch to drive the bats themselves out of the belfrey.

The device wasn't that big, about the size of a cell phone. Without the help of the Department

of Natural Resources, Luther Isagoth had singlehandedly removed the bats. No one else but the family had known of his sonar repellant but strangely a reporter passing by had seen the bats fly out in exodus and checked the belfrey when the Isagoth family had left. He had a secret talent for jimmying locks open and had found the device. With this, he knew he could possibly make a lot more money than he was now. What he didn't know was Luther wasn't the subdued type. Once he discovered that his invention was being coined by someone else, he would get the law on his side.

Chapter 4—The Reporter's Lame Excuse

The reporter, Douglas Dooger, had been caught before he could sell the rights to Luther's "Sonic Dispeller", and was not only put in jail for stealing but was fired from his job and replaced with a more reliable and honest journalist. Dooger would have a long time in solitary to think about what he had done and of course, the Isagoth family prayed for him every day. It was sad when he had told them why he had done it. He was trying to find a better method of making money, full well knowing that he would be stealing. It was because he was sporting a rather vile addiction to craps and other types of games. He had been living on the streets thanks to his addictions and had been barely getting by with the money he was making. But now he had been discovered, so getting work again after his sentence would be difficult. It would teach him a valuable lesson, anything in excess would only end in disappointment and empty pockets. His dignity had also been taken away and it would take a while to restore it, but he would have a second chance and oddly enough he would someday be redeemed.

Chapter 5—Forgiveness, Thy Name is Isagoth

After what seemed to be a short stay in the penetentiary, Dooger was released early on good behavior. Being the kind people they were, the Isagoths had allowed him into their congregation. He had an unknown talent of singing and performing for the children. It took him time to warm up to possibly becoming Christian but he made his decision once Lent came about. Unlike his checkered past, he would avoid gambling and reform himself from the inside out.


Douglas had found a new job and the funds from the sonic disrupter had been used to

help charity and help other aspiring inventors like Luther to continue to be inspired to invent and help others. No longer were there bats in the belfry, although Father Isagoth was still a bit batty. That would never change. The only matter that had changed was that Douglas was a part of the family and he had proven that even hardened gamblers can turn over a new leaf if they only try to change themselves by taking the first hard steps to transformation.

The End

January 8, 2006