Reality is but a concept, for, in a state of perfect tranquility, that which is real gives way to that which does not exist. Through transcendental meditation, material becomes spiritual and spiritual becomes material, and, though this solid spirituality is still intangible, it is visible to the minds eye. By tapping in to this force all questions can be answered, but beware, because if you are absorbed in your questioning, it is possible to loose touch with reality, thus causing a permanent trance that eventually leads to death. (Due to starvation and dehydration) Another danger is caused by asking too many questions, thus overloading your brain and causing mental retardation and/or insanity. Both of these problems can be easily avoided by letting the questions and answers come to you rather than going to them. To help keep in touch with reality, rest your hands (palms up) on your knees. And remember:

May all who seek tranquility find it with in themselves

and may they be guided by their inner self.

May there be tranquility,

may there be life,

may there be peace, peace, and perfect peace.

ૐ (om)