You've poisoned my mind with your silver tongue
Thoughts of you and your cruel hints play in my mind
I keep shifting as I think about it over and over in my mind
And you seem to take note of my restlessness
I made the mistake of looking in your eyes
And like some prey, I become paralyzed
Staring deeply into your dark eyes I show you my soul
Exposing my uneasiness through embarrassed eyes
You reach out to me and kiss me tenderly
And then again but exposing you true intent
But I'm already hooked to your addictive kiss
And your toxic words are still echoing through my mind
You push me down roughly
Slowly and piece by piece, our skin meets the cold air
I wrap my arms tightly around you to escape the cold and your piercing eyes
But with gentle kisses and tisks you pin me down
And your forceful but gentle hands have reign of my body
You swallow up my cries with your kisses
I run my hands across your skin
Noting each knot of muscle hidden beneath the surface
Can you feel my body shaking beneath you
As I shiver with anticipation
Your body pressing against mine
Forcing me to soak up your warmth
Our bodies seem to mesh perfectly
Your arms confining me
Hold me so close I can feel your beating heart
I wonder if you can feel mine racing
I steal one of our poisonous kisses
It intoxicates my mind
Weakening me to helplessness
And a rising warmth swallows my body
I cant help but squirm beneath you
And moan as you pin me back down
Falling deeper into your harsh rhythm
As your hips continue to grid on mine
I feel you sweet breath on my neck
As your fangs gently assault my skin
My idol hands worship your body
And I trace my nails across tense muscles
There's a change in motion
As you arch your back
And throw your head to the sky
I find my freedom
Rising up to meet you
I follow your ridged body with soft kisses
And nip teasingly at your neck
Smiling at your twitches from my actions
I place a trembling hand on your face
As I stare into your dark eyes
With only our heavy breaths to hold the time
And your loving stare to steal it away once more
You smile sweetly at me
Before you drag me down onto you
The candlelight glistens off your body
And your messed hair causes my breath to catch
We share an innocent kiss
And I place my ear to your heart
You lace you fingers through my hair
As you pin me close to your chest
A sigh of satisfaction escapes me
Listening to your rhythmic heart
And slow shallows breaths
You start humming softly
As you sing me to sleep
Lulling me into pleasant dreams
While playing gently with my hair
Finally letting the darkness of night steal us away