Yes all faded into white that day as the universe reset itself. I put my pen aside and close the soft leather cover of the book which I have just finished writing. I lean back in my chair and close my soft grey eyes letting all the memories wash over me, some fond while others are cruel and horrible. My life ended that day and started anew. I open my eyes and stare at the blank cover page of my book pondering on a title for this tale, my memoirs of the battle that ended the war between Light and Darkness.

After I returned with Fangoth and Andrew things began to change. Fangoth and Necroiwo embraced lovingly not wanting to let each other go for fear of losing themselves to lonliness. Daedilia stared from me to Andrew then kissed her beloved knight happily. As for Chaotica and Order they merely stared at me and half frowned half smiled. They understood what I had done and gave me a place among them, as Ami Maxine Irvine Goddess of Time and Reality. I had fixed it so that our disappearance would not be noticed. It would be as if neither I, Elaine, nor Andrew were born.

As I look back upon the events that followed I a smile spreads across my face. My new sisters married their knights as soon as was possible. It was a double wedding to save time, with my new step father Order performing the ceremony while my stepmother Chaotica planned the wedding festivities. It was actually a lovely occasion. Necroiwo wore a dark wedding gown speckled with the light of the stars themselves while Daedilia wore a dress made from the very rays of the dawn. Fangoth and Andrew wore suits of black and white respectively. I let out a sigh as I recall the wedding, I suppose the age old saying is true for me, always a bridesmaid never a bride.

Right now the happy couples are on separate honeymoons. Fangoth and Necroiwo are taking a ski trip in hell. Seems somehow the entire place froze over when the war between Daedilia and Necroiwo ended. They seem happy for now and sent me a post card with lots of pictures. I hope they are enjoying themselves.

Daedilia and Andrew are currently taking a trip through time to enjoy the sights and sounds of the multiverse. Last I heard the helped three lost men find their way by lighting a star in the sky to shine over their destination. Oddly enough they were carrying strange gifts, I mean honestly who actually uses bottles of mer nowadays?

As for Order and Chaotica they are doing what they do best. Fixing the mistakes of their daughters repairing the damage to the worlds my final act of power couldn't completely cure. It will take a while but in the end I think it is doable.

As for me I have taken up Chronos's old job. Recording all of time in different books for the sake of doing so. Aside from that well…

"AUNT AMI! AUNT AMI! MAKE MENDELETH STOP HURTING MY DOLLY!" came a lovely antagonized female voice that preceded its owner, a girl no older than ten years old with beautiful amber eyes and curly dirty blonde hair. She was on the verge of tears as she ran up to me putting on a puppy dog pout her lovely gown wrinkled and singed.

"DON'T LISTEN TO HER AUNTY! SHE IS LYING!" came a rough and roudy voice almost demonic in tone. It was followed by a young man no older than the girl that was now crying and holding me in a scared and frightened way. He had cruel red eyes and short semi spiky red hair, he wore torn blue jeans and a black tee shirt, in his hands was a headless doll.

"Nah uh!"

"Yes huh!"

"Nah uh!"

"Yes huh!"

"Nah uh!"

"Yes huh!"

"Nah uh!"

"Yes huh!"

"Enough you two!" I screamed over them and they went silent instantly. If you haven't guessed aside from recording history I am also watching over the reasons for my sisters immediate marriage plans. That's right, these children are the daughter and son of light and darkness respectively.

The girl was Katastrophe daughter of Daedilia and Andrew Werner. She holds power over fire, passion, love, and peace.

The boy is Mendeleth the son of Fangoth and Necroiwo. He holds power over pain, pleasure, hatred and war.

"Now Mendeleth apologize to your cousin. Like it or not you need to get along with her." I scolded Mendeleth who scowled angrily.

"She started it! She set my hair on fire!" Mendeleth stated pointing to his hair which now that I looked at it was smoking slightly.

I turned to Katastrophe and gave her a shameful look, "Kat…"

"I didn't mean to it was an accident!"

"Nah uh!" Mendeleth said firmly.

"Yes huh!" Katastrophe retorted

"Nah uh!"

"Yes huh!"

"Nah uh!"

"Yes huh!"

"Nah uh!"

"Yes huh!"

I rubbed my temples which were beginning to throb. It was times like this that I was glad I was not a mother. "Ok ok just apologize and get it over with." I told them both and they both fell silent.

"Sorry." They said at the same time hugging lightly.

"There all better." I said smiling looking down at them and sensing the growing power inside of them.

"Aunt Ami why is it that you always want us to get along?" Mendeleth asked curiously looking into my eyes with his cruel red ones.

"Yeah! Why is that aunty?!" Katastrophe chimed in.

"Because you two are conflicting powers. I have seen the damage that can occur when two conflicting powers wage war upon eachother. I do not want to see such destruction occur again." I explained then looked to the book upon my table still without a title.

"Is that a new book?" Katastrophe asked excitedly since she enjoyed the accounts of my writings greatly. Mendeleth followed his cousins gaze to the book excitement showing in his eyes despite himself. Contrary to what he said he really did enjoy hearing about the infinite dimensions.

"Yes… it is…" I answered before I picked it up and walked to the rocking chair I often used when I read them my stories.

"Please read it to us!" Katastrophe exclaimed excitedly taking her seat by the fire which roared to life instantly.

Mendeleth took his seat beside her and stared at the leather cover, "Can't be a good book if it doesn't even have a title."

Katastrophe looked and saw that I had yet to title the book, "Yeah that's true. Aunt Ami what is this book called?"

A forboding feeling washed over me as I looked upon them seated there before me. The infinite paths they could take stretching out behind them. I smiled slightly and took my pen pricking my finger to allow the blood to fuel the words. "I believe I shall call it… Light and Darkness…" I told them and opened it to the first page to begin the tale…

The End…

Of the beginning.

Authors note: yes that is correct. Light and Darkness... is finished. With this epilogue my first novel is now finished. I will attempt to publish it at which point i will take it down from fiction press so my suggestion is read it while you can. It isn't by far the best thing ever written but i believe i can get this book published. Thanks to all my fans both on and off Fictionpress. If you think this is the end then you are sadly mistaken. After all there still so many unanswered questions. Well some of them will remain unanswered. The next thing i write will not be as long but i promise it will be interesting.

Watch out for "Song of the Nightengale" coming soon...