I've seen some pretty good times in my days;

Times of fellowship, friends, and fun.

When the bad things leave and the good just stays,

And right is always done.

I've seen some pretty bad times in my life;

Of anger and emnity.

Problems at school, and a house full of strife,

While the world crashes down on me.

And then there were times when I was just lost,

And didn't know what to do.

Confusion endured at a very high cost,

Splitting my feelings in two.

But all of the good times are blessings from God,

And the bad are just trials for me to endure.

He guides me throug life when life seems just odd;

He is always near me, of this I am sure.

He's far above man, but He's man's true best friend;

Not dog, but the word reversed.

He will always see us through to the end,

Through best times and through worst.