You See the Blind

How did you give me such inspiration?

What is it about you that sets my heart aflutter?

Is it your charming smile?


Is it your amazing hair, and the way it's never quite perfect?


Is it your stunning eyes

The ones that seem to penetrate my shell?


But is that all?


It's the way you treat me

You don't act as if I'm some joke

You treat me not with sarcasm

But with respect

You make me feel like an intelligent young woman

Instead of the ditzy girl most see me as

It's as if you see past all of that

As if you see the true me



And brimming with things to say

To you

Yet you rarely make a huge effort

In the little time I see you

To talk to me

It's as if you're taunting me

With your tantalizing grin

Or is it a smirk?

How is it that you can see me this way

When most everyone does not?

Do you possess some sort of amazing gift

To see the best in people

When even they can't see it?

You must

Now, let's see

Is it really this that attracts me to you so?


Because I feel worth something

I feel amazing

Like I should've known it all along

How could I not have?

I guess I've been blind. . .