As Lived in my Dreams

I've lived it so many times

The farewell

So long


The goodbye hugs always

Haunting me in my slumber

I can't begin to truly describe the emptiness

I feel inside

At that moment

It's as if someone tore all of my insides out

And sewed me up where my heart used to be

I can feel the most pain there

And as if the pressure in my head

Can only be relieved in little drops of

Salty liquid

Gushing with such force

It's as if I have absolutely nothing

Other than my curiosity for what's ahead

What's next

But that's all I have

It's so overwhelming

To leave behind all you know

For a complete mystery

The great unknown

I couldn't take it in my dreams

That's why I woke up

But if it happens

In real life

In real time

There's no waking up