LION by writerforever

Dedicated to Jesus


In the dark of the night

I lay in despair

I'm trying to fight this fight

But I'm weak


That evil voice whispers in my heart

It tells me I'll never make it

I'm afraid and lost


Through the darkness

You appear

Your shining mane blows in the wind

Your countenance is fierce


With a loud roar You take charge

In a single swipe with Your mighty paw

You defeat the evil voice

With your powerful jaws

You throw him back into the dark pit


In fear and awe

I look upon You

You lower Your beautiful head

And I look into Your deep green eyes

No longer do I fear the fierce lion

No longer do I cringe in Your presence


Your fierce countenance is now filled with love

Your loud roar turns to a soft purr


The Lion has become a gentle lamb

The Lion has become my hero

The Lion has become my Savior


Lion, with the softness of a dove

You have touched me

Lion, with Your amazing love

You have saved me