Nothing Matters

As I walk down this empty road,

it reminds me of my life.

Empty and lonely,

Much like my heart.

Barren and broken,

Much like my mind.

Cold and emotionless,

Much like my soul.

Beautiful and scarred,

Much like my body.

Nothing to do.

But watch the time goe by.

Walk down the empty road

As life goes on.

Laughs and kisses.

Hurts and cries.

Nothing matters anymore.

Nothing ever does.

Life is empty.


I wish to break away from my pain.

But sadly...I can't.

A/N: It seems like that Green Day song, Boulevard of Broken Dreams. Oh well. But I wasn't inspired by it. I was inspired by my loneliness. Don't know why though. Anyway, I was bored so sayonara! Review if you have something to say to me. -smiles-