Here sitting

Looking through the glass

I see a figure

Of the darkest class

He sits there with style

Eyes darkened by hate

Unrecognizeable hopelessness

In a recognizeable state

I look at his face

He stares right back

My eyes can't avoid him

My mind falls off track

I don't know this thing

I've never seen him before

But somehow he's no stranger

He holds something more

Exhaustion fills his eyes

Each breath a cry of pain

Jealousy screams behind his silence

Familiarity I can't explain

I reach out

To grab his hand

He does the same

We both stand

The glass can't be moved

Separated we cry

Somehow we're one

Under two different skies

Then suddenly he grabs

Pulls my arm to his side

I myself follow

Silent, he replied

Through the glass onto my side

He stared back and smiled

I realized then what had happened

How my soul was defiled

The evil that was now me

Had taken my place

Stolen my clothes

Replicated my face

And now I, the reflection

A memory was my fate

Forever trapped, no longer myself

I had was too late

My new dark eyes

Burn holes in my friends

The world hates me

And the message he now sends

Under the influence

I allowed my soul to change

To become what other's shaped me to be

Love and hate...they rearrange